Top Play-to-Own Games in the Web3 Space

Top Play-to-Own Games in the Web3 Space

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The concept of play-to-own games is redefining the web3 gaming experience. Unlike play-to-earn games that focus on tokenomics and traditional games where assets remain within the game, play-to-own allows players to focus on what matters. To truly own in-game assets like characters, items, and land, often in the form of NFTs. This allows gamers to really be a part of the game’s community. Let’s dive into some of the most promising play-to-own games in blockchain gaming.


What is play-to-own?

Play-to-own is a gaming model where players gain actual ownership of in-game assets through blockchain technology.

This model transforms digital assets into tradable commodities, allowing players to buy, sell, or trade these assets outside the game environment. It’s a paradigm shift from traditional gaming where players’ investments and achievements often remain locked within the game.

Best play-to-own games in Web3

Let’s dive into some of the coolest play-to-own games out there, each one pushing the limits of what we can do and own in the gaming world. Keep in mind, there are plenty more examples of games that fit in the play-to-own category, therefore, we advise you to do your own research through the Games Rankings


Pixels is a gaming metaverse that evolved from a farming game to a multifaceted virtual world, where players can own land, interact with NFT characters, and embark on diverse quests. It migrated to the Ronin network in 2023 and has nurtured a stronger community since then.

Pixels Game Play To Own Ronin

As a top-ranked game on DappRadar, Pixels is set for a major update with its upcoming Chapter 2 soon, promising to further elevate the immersive experience with new features and expanded gameplay.


Dive into the 3D world of Illuvium, built on Immutable X, where you’re not just playing a game – you’re living in a whole ecosystem. Here, you get to capture and battle with creatures called Illuvials, mine for resources, claim your land, and strategize your way through various engaging games within this universe.

Play Illuvium Arena Epic Games Store

Now you can now jump into the action with Illuvium Arena, available on the Epic Games Store. The Unreal Engine 5 brings every detail to life, from breathtaking landscapes to the intricate designs of each Illuvial, making this one of the most anticipated full launches of the industry.


BLOCKLORDS is a medieval Europe-themed strategy game on Immutable X, where players create heroes, trade items, conquer cities, and can earn in-game income.

Blockworks Web3 Play To Own Medieval Game

The game’s NFTs and enhanced visuals, revamped in 2023, have not only revitalized its community but also underscored its commitment to combining deep strategy with engaging blockchain elements. Players can experiment with BLOCKLORDS for free on Steam and on the Epic Games store.


Another promising upcoming play-to-own game to keep an eye on is Fableborne. This game combines action RPG elements with base-building in a play-to-own format, and it’s developed for both mobile and PC platforms. It features a rich world of island exploration, base construction, and hero upgrading.

Fableborne Game Web3

Fableborne became a highly anticipated release, especially after its first collection, Primordials, was minted in July 2023, giving the community a tantalizing sneak peek into its universe. As you enter the world of Shatterlands, you can compete in various Events, adding another layer of excitement and competition. 


Skyweaver opens up a universe of strategic card battles that’s accessible from your phone, tablet, or PC – completely free to play. This cross-chain platform card game not only lets you own, trade, and gift your cards stored in your Sequence Wallet, but it also rewards skill like never before.

Skyweaver Trading Card Play To Own Game

Players can rise through the ranks by playing competitively, climbing the leaderboards, and earning rewards for their mastery. Skyweaver introduces a unique weekly reward system where players can win tradable Silver NFT cards. For those looking for an extra challenge, the game offers Conquests, where you can earn rare, limited edition Gold NFT cards. 

Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land is an established game in the Web3 space, recognized for being one of the earliest adopters of the play-to-own model and a significant player in the Web3 farming economy on the Polygon network.

Sunflower Land Farming Play to Own Game

As of 2023, Sunflower Land continues to maintain and expand its community, offering a gaming experience that allows players to engage in farming, trading, and crafting NFTs within a blockchain-based environment.

Play-to-own games and traditional publishers

As the gaming industry evolves, traditional publishers like Ubisoft are exploring the play-to-own model, a move that marks a significant shift in the dynamics of gaming. This exploration, however, has not been without its challenges.

Many traditional gamers have expressed skepticism towards the integration of NFTs into gaming, often perceiving them as a gateway to pay-to-win mechanics over skill and gameplay experience.

Despite these challenges, play-to-own offers a new perspective that could bridge the gap between blockchain technology and traditional gaming. Think about seasonal rewards or special cosmetics that remind players of certain events, seasons or achievements in the game. In play-to-own it’s not about the economy, but about the cultural value of those assets and what these mean within the community. 

Ubisoft Web3 Play to Own Game

What’s the difference between play-to-own and play-to-earn?

Play-to-earn and play-to-own, while both embedded in the blockchain gaming ecosystem, diverge significantly in their focus and impact on player experience. The play-to-earn model is centered around the accumulation of digital currencies or assets through gameplay, often incentivizing players for their in-game activities.

On the other hand, play-to-own prioritizes the true ownership of in-game assets, such as characters and items. This model allows players to have full control and legal rights over their in-game properties, enabling them to trade, sell, or use these assets outside the game. Moreover, play-to-own games don’t necessarily reward players within an economy, but more based on quests, achievements and other milestones. 

Therefore, play-to-own can be perceived as more aligned with traditional gaming values, addressing broader community concerns about the integration of blockchain technology in gaming.

Can a game be play-to-own and play-to-earn?

Yes, a game can incorporate both models. This combination offers a comprehensive gaming experience where players not only earn but also own their in-game achievements.

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By prioritizing player ownership and engagement, play-to-own games are setting a new standard in the gaming industry, offering experiences that are both rewarding and empowering. 

For those keen to explore this evolving landscape and discover the top play-to-own games, be sure to visit DappRadar’s Top Blockchain Games Ranking for the latest insights and trends in this dynamic sector.

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