Top NFT Marketplace users gifted over $1000 In PAINT tokens

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Learn how to check for and claim PAINT tokens

Users of NFT Marketplaces Rarible, SuperRare, Known Origin, and Async Art awoke to a pleasant surprise as a new NFT platform MurAll airdropped people who had interacted with the platforms over the last 12-months free PAINT Tokens. 

MurAll is a blockchain-based collaborative art project that allows anyone to draw an image. It’s built on a simple principle of openness and censorship resistance and those wanting to draw something will require PAINT tokens. Once created, the NFT digital collectible is permanent and immortalized on the blockchain by burning the PAINT token and creating deflationary supply shock. It can be drawn over only 21,000 times, after which PAINT will run out.

In essence, the airdrop represents a shrewd move by MurAll to entice a body of already engaged NFT users to try a new platform for free, create a unique NFT, and list it for sale. Moreover, as reported in 2020 after news of the Rarible RARI token dropped, people flooded to the platform to open accounts in the hope of a free RARI airdrop. This action came with its own circumstances as the quality of art started to drop on the platform and it could be argued that many of the people who have been airdropped PAINT are looking for a quick buck as opposed to making unique artwork to last the ages. 

Nonetheless, the crypto-verse keeps on giving in 2021, and Dappradar is here to help you find out if you just got an early Christmas present. 

How to check for PAINT 

If you have been active on Rarible, SuperRare, Known Origin, or Async Art, buying and holding artworks in the last 12 months then you may be eligible to collect the free tokens. Simply follow this step-by-step guide to find out if you’re in luck! 

  1. Go to the MurAll website
  1. Head to the top right and sign in with your wallet. The platform allows only a Metamask sign-in. If you have a different blockchain wallet connected to the other NFT marketplace platforms, don’t worry. You can still get your tokens, but you will first have to create and login with Metamask
  1. Now you are logged in you will see a PAINT logo in the top right near the sign-in – click that and you are presented with a new window. 
claim PAINT tokens
  1. Once you see the window above click on check. Here you are asked to input a wallet address. Make sure to input the wallet address or addresses you have used to sign up for each NFT marketplace platform. 
  1. Click CHECK on the MurAll site and Input the wallet address. 
  1. The token amount gifted has generally been 1048576 PAINT tokens, which at the time of writing is around $1050! It is not yet clear if the amount is random or based on activity within the NFT marketplaces as some people have reported receiving lesser amounts. 
  1. If you are eligible, the tokens can now be claimed and you will need to spend some gas to make that transfer. Remember even though you may have set up Metamask to log in, you may have input a separate wallet address. The tokens will now be transferred to that wallet.
  2. Make sure to claim your PAINT airdrop before January 22nd, 2022. 

And that’s it. What you choose to do with your tokens is entirely your choice. Sell, hold or utilize within MurAll. You can find out more about utilizing PAINT and using the MurAll dapp here. 

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