Top-Grossing Otherdeeds Sales and We Are All Going to Die

Top-Grossing Otherdeeds Sales and We Are All Going to Die
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Check out the NFT Sales Highlights ranking for between June 6th and June 12th

Yuga Labs’ Otherdeeds virtual land NFTs shine this week with numerous top-grossing sales. The most expensive Otherside NFT that switched owners in the past week is Otherdeed #8088, which sold for 200 ETH. 

Other impressive sales include Azuki #6168, Meebit #11677, We are All Going to Die #3077, and Courtney-X. While Otherdeeds steal the spotlight, Yuga Labs’ first release also continues to draw attention. BAYC #7725 switched owners for 189.9 ETH, or over $359,000.

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Check out the complete list of NFT Sales Highlights below, or watch the handy video for a quick view. 

NFT Sales Highlights – Week 23

  1. Otherdeed #8088 – $360,450 / 200 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  2. Bored Ape Yacht Club #7725 – $359,280/ 189.9 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  3. Otherdeed #95607 – $239,000 / 135 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  4. Azuki #6168 – $180,240 / 100 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  5. Noun 122 – $173,910 / 97 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  6. Meebit #11677 – $161,470 / 90 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  7. Autoglyphs #378 – $152,490 / 100 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  8. CryptoPunk #5208 – $131,260 / 74.8 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  9. We are All Going to Die #3077 – $121,020 / 69.42 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  10.  Courtney-X – $95,100 / 50 ETH – buyer’s wallet

 Otherdeeds floor price plummets, top-grossing sales persist

Otherside is Yuga Labs’ latest smashing hit and looks like the collection still attracts top sales, a month after the initial mint. Impressively, this happens against the backdrop of falling crypto valuation and floor price crashes. At the time of writing, the floor price for an Otherdeed NFT is 1.74 ETH, or about $2,135, according to the DappRadar NFT Explorer

That’s a steep drop compared to the mint price of 305 APE, which at the time was worth over $5,000. Despite losing more than half of its initial pricing, Otherdeed NFTs are still a magnet for top-tier investments. Last month, a parcel sold for over a million dollars, while last week, Otherdeed #8088 recorded a 200 ETH sale. 

We Are All Going to Die takes a different approach

While Yuga Labs relied on a solid community and a lot of hype surrounding the Otherside land NFT mint, a new trend has emerged in the space. The new wave of NFT projects defying traditions in the space began with Goblin Town, which is one of the most traded collections in the past several weeks. 

Following Goblin Town’s example, We Are All Going to Die launched without any initial marketing campaign. The team behind the collection remains anonymous and there is little to no social media interaction. However, this has not stopped collectors from investing thousands in the project. Last week, We are All Going to Die #3077 switched owners for 69.42 ETH, or $121,020. The DappRadar NFT Explorer shows that the collection generated over $160,000 in trading volume in the past 24 hours alone. 

Looking at these very different projects, one thing is clear. Despite the bear market trends and the crashing crypto token prices, the NFT space is full of life and activity. Investors are still eager to build up their collections, and new approaches to launching NFT projects are popping up, drawing in even more sales. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the NFT space as it pushes against the bear trends. If you want a detailed breakdown of your collection’s worth and estimated value, check out our Portfolio Tracker tool. Alternatively, you can browse around for your next crypto purchase with the new NFT Explorer tool, giving you detailed information about all NFTs in your collections of interest.

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