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Navigating the digital canvas and fusion of algorithmic brilliance

Generative artists have ignited a vibrant revolution within the burgeoning NFT landscape. Join us as we traverse this captivating terrain, where ones and zeros converge to create captivating vistas. Also, let’s unveil the trailblazers commanding the spotlight and discover the rising talents poised to redefine the future of generative art.


  • Well-established generative and algorithmic artists on Art Blocks
    • Snowfro
    • Tyler Hobbs
    • Dmitri Cherniak
    • Jeff Davis
  • Emerging generative and algorithmic artists on Art Blocks
    • Matt DesLauriers
    • Monica Rizzolli
    • Emily X
  • Well-established generative and algorithmic artists on Tezos
    • Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez 
    • Yazid
  • Emerging generative and algorithmic artists on Art Blocks
    • Tù.úk’z
  • Continue exploring the world of generative art

The rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has introduced a new era for art, where artists use algorithms to create digital artworks that mesmerize, provoke thought, and reshape how we see art.

In this emerging domain, a hub of creativity stands out – Art Blocks. A lively center for NFT generative art, it makes a big impact with a 30-day total of $5 million with over 1,700 dedicated traders. 

This energy continues on the Tezos blockchain, a special place for digital art. While it doesn’t trade as much as Ethereum, many collectors have found treasures on it. In the last 30 days, objkt and fxhash have proudly brought together 15,000 NFT traders – even more than popular platforms like LoosRare and Rarible.

Amid this innovation, it is the avant-garde generative artists who boldly lead the revolution. These visionary trailblazers wield algorithms as their brushstrokes, fashioning code into their canvas.

In this article, we set out to discover the notable artists who have made their mark and those who are rising fast in the world of generative art.

Well-established generative and algorithmic artists on Art Blocks

1. Snowfro

Erick Calderon, also known as Snowfro, is a celebrated generative artist and the creator of Art Blocks. His captivating geometric artworks have captured collectors’ attention. Notably, his most renowned Chromie Squiggles collection is featured in publications like The New Yorker and Forbes, while also fetching high prices in auctions at Sotheby’s and Christie’s. 

Chromie Squiggles is presently trading at 10.4 ETH, a price point that might be steep for the everyday collector. The artist also offers two more accessible collections: 100 Untitled Spaces at 5.9 ETH and Bookends (Study) at 4.6 ETH.

As a prominent figure in generative art, Snowfro has been instrumental in propelling generative art NFTs into the spotlight.

Artwork highlight:

Chromie Squiggle

2. Tyler Hobbs

Tyler Hobbs is a prominent figure in the NFT space, celebrated for his intricate and innovative algorithmic artworks. His creations delve into complex patterns, forms, and colors, showcasing the expansive potential of algorithmic artistry. 

In 2021, Hobbs introduced the landmark “Fidenza” collection, a pinnacle in the realm of NFT-based generative art. 

Amidst his prolific portfolio, other captivating projects like “INCOMPLETE CONTROL,” “WALL,” and “QQL” reveal his thought-provoking approach. 

Garnering admiration in both the NFT art community and the traditional art realm, Hobbs’ influence extends beyond digital borders. Notably, his hand-painted mural, “Two Lovers, in Structure,” graces Tokyo’s Toranomon business district, illuminating his multifaceted artistic journey.

Artwork highlight:


3. Dmitri Cherniak

Dmitri Cherniak is a master of generative art rooted in mathematical principles. His intricate and abstract creations have garnered praise for their unique beauty. His breakthrough came with the celebrated Ringers series, highlighted by the astonishing $6.2 million sale of “The Goose” (Ringers #879) at the June 2023 Sotheby’s auction.

Cherniak also created the Eternal Pump collection, encompassing 50 NFTs that dynamically animate concentric rings through Javascript and GLSL. Commencing in October 2021, this project has recently seized substantial attention, exemplified by “The Eternal Pump #19” and “The Eternal Pump #40,” both achieving a remarkable 109 ETH in sales on August 3, 2023.

Artwork highlight:


4. Jeff Davis

As Chief Creative Officer at Art Blocks, Jeff Davis brings a wealth of experience from his two-decade tenure as an art professor. His exploration of the crossroads between mathematics and studio art has been his ongoing artistic pursuit.

Jeff’s creative impact spans the globe through Bright Moments Gallery, with exhibitions in Tokyo, London, Berlin, New York, and Los Angeles. His influence extends to prestigious showcases, including Grails: Part II, Natively Digital at Sotheby’s in New York, and Ex Machina at Phillips in London.

Within Art Blocks, Jeff’s remarkable contributions shine through the prized Construction Token collection, trading at 4 ETH. Complementing this pinnacle, he offers collectors more accessible options like Color Study and Neighbourhood, extending an invitation into his captivating creative narrative.

Artwork highlight:

construction token

Emerging generative and algorithmic artists on Art Blocks

5. Matt DesLauriers

Matt DesLauriers is a Canadian artist who melds code, software, and generative processes. His Meridian collection, comprising 1000 generative art NFTs, emerges from a JavaScript program that crafts intricate landscapes. 

Each piece of Meridian, inspired by traditional mediums, boasts a unique stroke style, and its magic lies in unpredictability—every minted artwork unveils a new creation, even to the artist. 

Despite not receiving as much media buzz, Meridian’s substantial floor price of 7.5 ETH serves as a testament to its cherished status among collectors.

Artwork highlight:


6. Monica Rizzolli

Amidst a mostly male-dominated NFT art scene, Monica Rizzolli shines bright for her captivating digital nature art. Her presence symbolizes freedom and equality, sparking a positive change in crypto art.

Within her masterpiece Fragments of an Infinite Field, Rizzolli’s creative genius comes alive, an intricate tapestry where an idyllic plant realm blossoms upon a sprawling canvas of foliage. Remarkably, her collection stands as one of the most traded and collected, boasting an impressive total volume of 13,789 ETH, with a floor price of 1.69 ETH.

Artwork highlight:

Fragments of an infinite field

7. Emily Xie

Emily Xie is another rising female artist in the realm of generative art. Her artistry revolves around algorithms, crafting lifelike textures and forms that seamlessly blend disparate materials and patterns into harmonious visuals. 

One of her most loved endeavors is Memories of Qilin, a generative art project rooted in East Asian art traditions. The project delves into folklore, embodying prosperity and luck through the enigmatic shapes that invite viewers to interpret, mirroring the ever-evolving narratives passed through generations.

Memories of Qilin

Artwork highlight:

Well-established artists on Tezos

Within the vibrant landscape of generative art, platforms like fxhash and objkt on Tezos have carved out their own distinctive niches.

8. Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez 

Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez is a visionary strategist, digital literacy advocate, and versatile artist. His artworks, often paired with original music, tap into the realm where machines evoke human-like feelings. Beyond art, Marcelo establishes companies to support artists and education.

His Contrapuntos project, minted on fxhash, embodies musical counterpoint. It weaves independent yet harmonious lines, paralleling life’s rhythms. Marcelo has curated this metaphorical journey to feature repeating patterns, fragmented structures, and isolated moments, each capturing unique individuality and harmonious cohesion.

Artwork highlight:


9. Yazid

Yazid is a digital artist who sculpts art through the dance of code and algorithms. His recent masterful work, Step by Step, delves into the emotions of stagnation, of traversing a path that unfolds step by step, often revealing only the immediate next stride. This enchanting creation swiftly found acclaim, selling out on fxhash in a flash.

Artwork highlight:

Adding to his repertoire of triumphs, Yazid’s Drawing with Code recently found its place in the limelight of Proof’s Grails Season IV. 

As Yazid continues to reshape the canvas of creativity, he invites us to journey alongside him, traversing the intertwining realms of art, technology, and imagination.

Emerging artists on Tezos

10. Tù.úk’z

Tù.úk’z is a pioneering digital artist whose journey began in 2011. Enthralled by the vast expanse of the Internet, he has since crafted a realm of captivating images, harnessing the digital canvas to manifest his limitless creativity. 

His latest masterpiece, “The Shifting Snow,” unfurls a tale of embracing change, resilience amidst transformation, honoring individuality, and anchoring in the present. This conceptual marvel mirrors the ethos of Tezos, where fluidity meets permanence, and innovation dances with tradition. 

Artwork highlight:

fxhash art

Continue exploring the world of generative art

The aforementioned artists represent a mere glimpse into the illustrious realm of generative art. As the ever-evolving art market navigates the dynamic landscape of technological innovation, we anticipate the emergence of a new wave of generative artists. Excitingly, they will not only push the boundaries of creativity and collectibility but also disrupt the traditional confines of the art market’s walled garden.

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