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High-performance, Ethereum-compatible, and powered by Polkadot

In this article we will dive into the top applications available for Moonbeam and Moonriver, while also explaining why these blockchain ecosystems could potentially lay a foundation for the wider adoption of DeFi, NFTs and blockchain games.


Moonbeam and Moonriver: a dynamic duo for blockchain interoperability

Blockchain interoperability has emerged as a prevailing trend. It bridges the gap between different networks and opens up a world of possibilities for seamless collaboration. Among various solutions to realize blockchain interoperability, Moonbeam is one of them. 

Moonbeam is a fully Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform integrated into Polkadot. As a result, it allows developers to interact smoothly using both Ethereum and Substrate APIs, and benefit from its compatibility with Ethereum libraries and environments. For dapp users, they can interact with Moonbeam dapps via popular Ethereum-compatible wallets, such as MetaMask and Ledger. 

Moonriver complements Moonbeam, serving as a testing ground to attract dapps. It provides a live experimentation playground for dapp developers. Together, Moonbeam and Moonriver form a dynamic ecosystem within Polkadot while addressing Ethereum’s scalability and interoperability challenges.

Top Moonbeam dapps

For all the benefits mentioned above, developers are actively building apps on Moonbeam and Moonriver, exploring new possibilities. Now, let’s dive into some of the top dapps on these networks.

Top moonbeam moonriver dapps

Bit Hotel

Bit Hotel is the top social game on the Moonbeam network. As a Bit Hotel player, you’re not just playing but connecting with others. Engage in conversations with fellow players, immerse yourself in a diverse selection of mini-games, and climb the global leaderboard, all in pursuit of valuable in-game assets. 

Your Bit Hotel room serves as your personal social space, where you can host intimate gatherings and customize it to your liking. For DAOs and communities, Bit Hotel provides clubhouses that serve as venues for AMAs, IDOs, and more.

Ultimately, Bit Hotel offers users a unique blend of social networking, entertainment, and a delightful reminiscence of the beloved 8-bit era, making it a unique SocialFi and GameFi experience.

Bit Hotel


Moonwell is a top DeFi dapp in the Moonbeam ecosystem, providing open lending and borrowing. Recently, Moonwell has also expanded its DeFi offering to Base. Its primary mission is to simplify the lending and borrowing processes, allowing users to utilize their assets effectively. 

Several key features set Moonwell apart from its centralized competitors. Firstly, it operates as a non-custodial platform, meaning it doesn’t hold users’ digital assets during financial activities. Therefore, it grants users full control over their holdings. 

According to DappRadar, Moonwell has experienced notable trading volume growth since mid-August, primarily attributed to its integration with the Base network. 



Beamswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX), offering a wide range of user-friendly DeFi tools and features. Token swap service, the core function, allows for trustless, fast, and low-fee peer-to-peer asset trading on the network. Liquidity providers on Beamswap earn a share of swapping fees, while yield farming opportunities are also available. 

Additionally, the platform features an integrated bridge to connect with Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain, facilitating the transfer of cryptocurrencies between different EVM-compatible networks. 

Moreover, the Beamswap Launchpad offers support and funding opportunities for new projects built on Moonbeam. 

beamswap moonbeam


StellaSwap is another DEX on Moonbeam, driven by its native token, STELLA. As a DeFi dapp, StellaSwap provides diverse features, including token swapping, farming opportunities, a built-in bridge, and more. 

One of StellaSwap’s standout functions is Zap, which streamlines staking and yield farming into a simple 1-click action. It eliminates the cumbersome steps typically associated with DeFi yield farming, making it more accessible for users to earn rewards.


Double Protocol

Double Protocol is a fully decentralized platform for renting NFTs within the metaverse and GameFi dapps. This open-source system specializes in lending and renting ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs. 

In Double Protocol, it ensures that NFT owners and renters have clearly defined rights for the best user experience. For example, the protocol establishes rules governing how users and owners interact with these NFTs within a certain period of time. 

What truly sets Double Protocol apart is allowing individuals to trade these usage rights among themselves directly. This feature significantly enhances the utility and liquidity of NFTs, making it easier for users to engage with and exchange these digital assets.

double protocol


MoonBeans is a unique NFT platform that lets users earn rewards while trading and collecting NFTs. It’s currently live on MoonRiver and MoonBeam, with plans to expand to Arbitrum Nova. 

MoonBeans introduces its native token, BEANS, which rewards users simply for holding it. Moreover, BEANS holders also get a say in the platform’s decisions through the DAO. MoonBeans offers “Beanies,” special NFTs that reward holders a portion of marketplace fees. 


Top Moonriver dapps

Moonriver is a testing ground for new features and functionalities before they are rolled out to Moonbeam. This enables developers to experiment with fresh code and ideas within a live environment without impacting the primary Moonbeam network.

Zenlink is an essential cross-chain DEX protocol built on Polkadot, with a mission to become the network’s central hub for DeFi. Zenlink’s DEX Aggregator can connect all DEX dapps on Polkadot, pooling liquidity to provide users with a smooth and low-slippage trading experience. 

Additionally, the DEX Composable Hub empowers developers to build their own unique DEXs using Zenlink’s DEX Module.



Huckleberry is a cross-chain DeFi platform, providing decentralized exchange (DEX) and lending services on Moonriver. 

Apart from its token swap features, Huckleberry also provides users with passive earning opportunities. To achieve this, it introduced Passive Sailin, a mechanism that rewards platform users with Huckleberry’s native token, FINN. The feature automatically allocates a portion of every FINN transaction fee to all FINN holders, proportional to their holdings. 

huckleberry moonriver

Keep up with Moonbeam and Moonriver using DappRadar

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The rising adoption of blockchain technology drives an increased need for cross-chain dapps, making the outlook bright for Moonbeam and Moonriver blockchains. DappRadar will closely monitor the progress and advancements of these two networks, ensuring our users have access to up-to-date insights and information.

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