Top 5 Blockchain Games to Build a Business

top 5 blockchain games to build a business
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The metaverse will blur the lines between gaming, socializing and commerce

The future of gaming is more than just missions, quests and premeditated storylines. Soon, users will have interoperable avatars that can travel across different metaverse platforms. And in each one of them, they can play, communicate, organize, craft, build and trade. Because each of those roles represents a value within the game’s social economy, you could potentially run a business within these digital platforms. 


Play-to-earn blockchain games reached their popularity peak in 2021. Gamers all over the world earned real wages by playing on these platforms every day. However, many of these projects’ economies were unstable bubbles dependent on newcomers, and in due course they popped.

The blockchain games of tomorrow are looking to avoid these speculative pump and dump scenarios by delivering amazing gameplay and rich, interactive environments. In these, players will be able to create their own landscapes and social networks. We’ll even be able to set up in-game businesses which we can build up and monetize.

These massive multiplayer virtual worlds promise to be more than just games. They will be entire universes that blur the lines between gaming, entertainment, socializing and commerce.

Star Atlas – space trader or fleet commander?

Star Atlas is an intergalactic space opera with cutting edge graphics and an interactive landscape. Missions, warfare, politics and resource trading are the name of the Star Atlas game. It’s native to Solana and features starships, soldiers, in-game currencies and customizable structures. Structures are in-game parcels of land that players own and can build up into profitable businesses.

Star Atlas can be a game that’s also a business because players have blockchain-secured ownership over their in-game assets. So they can buy and sell items, such as ships and collectibles. But they can also build and curate their own environments on their structures, then extract value from them. There are different types of structures, such as retail decks and social hubs. Retail decks ‘act as both a production facility and storefront’, according to Star Atlas’s paper on their in-game economy.  

The Star Atlas creators are developing their game in modules. This means when the next stage of development is complete, they will add it to existing functionality. So while we can’t talk about a full launch date for a finished game, users can now play an early demo dubbed Showroom via the Epic Game Store. Functionality for the Star Atlas: Showroom will expand before the end of this year, and players will be able to select a faction and choose their ship.

Star Atlas – The Showroom

Phantom Galaxies – mecha fighter or Planet autocrat?

Phantom Galaxies is another space-themed, expansive extravaganza where players can build their environment together. Developed by Blowfish Studios, it features mecha starships that transform into humanoid robots with guns, armor and explosive potential.

Players can buy Planets, which is what Phantom Galaxies calls land. Planet owners can use them as their base of operations to control trade routes, launch attacks on enemy clans and as a means of defense against rival factions. 

Planets are also a way for teams, guilds and individual players to gather in-game resources. Owning a Planet earns the player ASTRAFER tokens, the native currency in Phantom Galaxies. 

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By giving players control over Planets, Phantom Galaxies gives players the power to change the landscape and create their own environment. Gamers can play the game without owning a Planet, but holding one is the best way to start building up your Phantom Galaxies business. Early access to the game is scheduled for Q4 of 2022, with a full release expected in 2023.

Phantom Galaxies trailer

Mirandus – captain of industry or gravedigger?

Mirandus is a fantasy blockchain RPG where players have real jobs and roles. Users need to find their niche inside a working economy and provide services fellow gamers pay for. You can be a miner, a lumberjack, a shopkeeper, a smith, or something else. Gamers pay each other in the native token Materium (check the price here).

Property is power in Mirandus. Owning land gives players the right to build on it, and decide who comes and goes. Cemeteries in Mirandus are resurrection locations for players who die in battle. So owning a Cemetery gives its holder control over life and death. You can literally tax people just for living.

If you want to build a business in Mirandus, you need to own land and then begin building workshops, bakeries, shipyards and more. When you start producing things – food, weapons, clothes – you will need trade routes to deliver your goods. These can be dangerous and expensive to travel along, so you’ll need protection during transport. You can see how the interconnected economy starts to grow and players prosper.

There is no release date for Mirandus yet. But avatars went on sale in December 2021 and all land deeds are sold out on the Gala Games store.

Join the Mirandus adventure

The Sandbox – museum owner or entertainer?

The Sandbox really blurs the line between computer game and decentralized virtual world. There are missions, storylines, characters and quests. But users can also buy up a piece of land, build on it, invite people to visit and then monetize their experiences.

The Sandbox may be the best platform to buy into from this whole list, because owning a plot here gives holders proximity to some of the most famous and popular entertainers in the world. Fancy Snoop Dogg as a neighbor? Buy some land in The Sandbox. Think your music business would benefit from being Steve Aoki-adjacent? Buy some land in The Sandbox. 

The Sandbox has hundreds of brand partnerships and they’re all there to attract more users. So for anyone who purchases property and puts their storefront inside this virtual world, they know they’ll be getting some guaranteed eyeballs on their product.

Snoop Dogg’s Foreplay game

Big Time – time warrior or chronomancer?

Big Time is an action role playing game (ARPG) from Big Time Studios. It’s set in a fantasy world where a mysterious dark force threatens the existence of time. The graphics look quite basic at the moment, but the developers are working on upgrading these in time for the full game launch. 

As with every project in this list, Big Time is first and foremost a game. So there are quests, magic items, fantastic characters and epic storylines. Players can acquire assets to build up their avatars’ skill level and powers. They can also sell these items on the open market.

Owning SPACE (Big Time land) gives players the ability to craft NFT items out of materials. Selling these on the secondary marketplace can turn Big Time into a genuine side hustle. Depending on how popular the game becomes, we could soon see digital craftspeople picking up their tools and making a career out selling Big Time assets.

Big Time 101

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