Top 5 Best Move-to-Earn Platforms to Earn Crypto This Summer

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Move-to-earn is one of the newest innovations in the blockchain space

What are the best move-to-earn platforms encouraging users to stay active and earn crypto as a reward? Move-to-earn is the latest innovative step in blockchain gaming as it looks to create real benefits in our day-to-day lives. This Top 5 list of move-to-earn platforms is the best place to begin if you’re looking to become active and earn crypto while you’re doing it. 

Despite being a “new” idea that seems to have come out of nowhere, many of the companies operating in the move-to-earn sector have been around for a few years already. Some clearly have big goals in mind as they look to connect the physical and the virtual worlds, one step at a time.


Part of the Solana blockchain ecosystem.

STEPN is the flagship move-to-earn platform. Users need to set up an account, purchase a pair of NFT STEPN Sneakers with SOL and then start moving around in the real world. The more you move, the more Green Satoshi Tokens you earn. In-game challenges like Marathon Mode keep players engaged and working towards a challenge. At the moment though, there is a time-gated mechanic which caps players’ earning potential at a certain point. Read complete how to guide here.

STEPN app artwork


Part of the Polygon blockchain ecosystem.

OliveX is a digital fitness company that uses gamification, augmented reality and play-to-earn gaming to deliver an entire ecosystem with the aim of improving people’s health. Not only is the platform building its own interactive virtual world within The Sandbox, it also has the Dustland series of games. By going on runs and moving around in the real world, players get virtual rewards (NFTs/DOSE tokens) they can use to upgrade their avatar and progress on their adventure.

OliveX virtual world within The Sandbox


Part of the Solana blockchain ecosystem.

Genopets began life back in August 2021. The game combines NFT collectibles, battle arena gameplay and move-to-earn functionality. Players can level-up their Genopet NFT avatars by doing exercise in the real world. The stronger your Genopet grows, the more likely they will be to conquer your opponents.

Genopets trailer


Part of the Polygon blockchain ecosystem.

The goal of Dotmoovs is to ‘democratize access to sports challenges’. Wherever users are in the world, and whatever the size of the bank balance, they can compete with other Dotmoovers. The game’s native token is MOOV and players can earn it by going head-to-head with opponents in soccer challenges or dance-offs. Users can also mint sneakers and soccer balls as NFTs to use in-game.

Dotmoovs introducing its “sports revolution”


Part of the BNB Smart Chain blockchain ecosystem.

Wirtual began development in 2019 and launched in April 2020. The move-to-earn platform has 40,000 monthly users and is available in 160 countries around the world. Players can join Wirtual’s running, walking, swimming, cycling, dancing and work-out activities to earn WIRTUAL tokens. The company calls this ‘Sweat Mining’ and the top earner on the platform currently earns $50 a day. Exercisers can track their activity on a range of linked up activity apps and upload the information to their Wirtual account.

Wirtual 2.0 trailer
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