Top 10 NFT Sales – Pepe Enters The Market While CryptoPunks Skyrockets

$41 million dollars in CryptoPunk trading in last 7 days

In the past week CryptoPunks has been responsible for more than 400 transactions with a total value of more than $41 million dollars. Amidst the general NFT hype, we’ve also seen renewed interest in AutoGlyphs as well as a newcomer in the charts: Non-Fungible Pepe.

NFTs are very trending right now, and collectors are capitalizing on that hype. Existing projects with historical significance increase in value, think about CryptoPunks, but also the generative art project AutoGlyphs. Larva Labs sold a complete series of AutoGlyphs for more than $1.4 million. At the same time the cheapest CryptoPunk collectible NFT costs more than 13 ETH, or $26.500. While in early December the floor price was still at $1500, or 3 ETH.

Newer NFT projects

Amidst this NFT hype, newcomers are entering the playing field. Late January saw  Hashmasks enter the scene with impressive sales and trading volume. In the past 7 days one Hashmask collectible NFT sold for 150 ETH, or $312.818 at the time of the transaction. 

This week, another newcomer entered the arena. Non-Fungible Pepes are a set of 1096 crypto collectibles based on the success of other projects, like CryptoPunks, Avastars and of course Pepe the Frog. One of these Pepes auctioned for 110.25 ETH or $216.786.

Top 10 NFT charts – Feb 15-21

  1. Cryptopunks – punk 6965 ape fedora $1.545.929 / 800 ETH (see owner)
  2. AutoGlyphs – Set – 2 digit series – $1.438.000 / 731.65 ETH (see owner – SethS)
  3. Cryptopunks – punk 4156 ape bandana $1.199.406 / 650 ETH (see owner)
  4. CryptoPunks – punk 6487 – female – $1.052.041 / 550 ETH (see owner)
  5. Cryptopunks – punk 2681 zombie cap clown eyes $535.278 / 277 ETH (see owner
  6. Cryptopunks – punk 2484 zombie shades wild hair $312.818 / 175 ETH (see owner)
  7. Hashmasks – 51 – $281.904 / 150 ETH (see owner)
  8. Non-Fungible Pepe – #38 – $216.786 / 110.25 ETH (see owner)
  9. Cryptovoxels – 74 Block Fork – $196.621 / 100 ETH (see owner – Westcoast Bill)
  10. Cryptovoxels – 75 Block Fork – $196.621 / 100 ETH (see owner – Westcoast Bill)

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a token on the blockchain that proves ownership and confirms rarity or scarcity of a digital asset. NFT is an abbreviation of Non-Fungible Token, meaning that each of these digital assets is unique in its own way. Each of these NFTs have their own registration number, similar to the address of a house or a car registration number. Want to learn more about NFTs? Read this.

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