Top 10 Best NFT Marketplaces to Buy, Trade, and Sell NFTs

Top 10 Best NFT Marketplaces to Buy, Trade, and Sell NFTs
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Browse and compare the best NFT marketplaces out there to find the one you like most

The previously niche market for NFTs exploded in popularity, and along with that, new NFT marketplaces started popping up like mushrooms. What an exciting time we’re living in.

That’s good, right? Yes, though oversaturation made buying and selling more challenging, especially for traders and creators.

Since the marketplace you’re uploading or selling your content to can make all the difference whether or not you make a sale, choosing the right one is so important.

There are many things to consider, from the gas fees to the number of users, the selling rate, and ultimately, the network itself.

Whether you’re just buying or a creator, these are the top 10 NFT marketplaces – one of these is bound to fulfill your needs.

1. OpenSea

The biggest and by far the most popular NFT marketplace globally, this behemoth runs on Ethereum and supports Polygon and Klaytn. Most recently, it started supporting Solana collectibles.

OpenSea hosts a wide array of NFTs, from the art to music NFTs. You can buy or sell any type of NFT and use over 150 cryptocurrencies.

There is a flat 2,5% fee on all sales, which the seller usually pays, so if you plan to sell NFTs, keep that in mind. 

Since OpenSea is running on Ethereum, the gas fees (which are paid by the buyer) are quite high so the entire experience can be pricey. 

At the time of writing, there are more than 159k weekly users with an $852M trading volume.

2. AtomicMarket

If OpenSea is too pricey for you, you should check out AtomicHub, the ‘’budget-friendly’’ marketplace running on WAX and EOS. 

There are over 200M NFTs minted here, which is not surprising considering how useful this marketplace is for the creators. The minting fee is almost non-existent, there are no listing fees, and creators only need to pay a commission fee of 2% once they make a sale. 

The only downside for sellers is that it’s impossible to import your smart contract to the marketplace.

AtomicHub is an excellent opportunity to find affordable NFTs on WAX, and it shows. At the time of writing, AtomicHub amassed almost 60k weekly users with a weekly trading volume of $1.76M.

3. LooksRare

An NFT marketplace running on Ethereum, LooksRare launched earlier this year as a direct competitor to OpenSea.

There are a couple of advantages to using LooksRare.

First, it’s much cheaper with its 2% sales fee. 

Second, every time you buy or sell an NFT using this marketplace, you’re rewarded with the $LOOKS token. It’s worth noting that 75% of the token is distributed to the community, and the revenue is decentralized. Additionally, you can stake this token and earn up to 600% interest.

Bonus points go for the LooksRare bidding system that allows you to bid on any collection and set the price yourself.

While the $LOOKS token has its upsides, it’s not without its faults since at the moment, you can only buy assets on the platform by using this token.

There are as many as 12k weekly users, and the weekly trading volume is $587M.

4. Magic Eden

Magic Eden is the biggest Solana NFT marketplace for a couple of reasons.

The Solana network itself is fast and has low gas fees, and the sales fee is only 2%. This already makes it a good choice for creators and traders, but that’s not where the real fun with Magic Eden begins.

What makes it special is its launchpad that allows newbie creators to create NFTs without prior development experience.

Not only is Magic Eden an excellent starting place for new creators, but collectors can also benefit from using this marketplace with the platform’s curated list of upcoming NFT launches.

At the time of writing, Magic Eden has about 120k users per week with a trading volume of $5.37M in the last seven days.

5. tofuNFT

Previously known as SCV NFT market, tofuNFT is a multichain NFT marketplace that focuses on GameFi and collectibles.

While collectors can easily find any NFT by taking advantage of tofuNFT’s comprehensive search and filter engine, this marketplace is no slouch for traders and creators.

There are no gas fees for listing, and NFTs can be sold in an auction, for a fixed price, or by accepting buy offers. Do note that a somewhat high fee of 5% goes to the platform. 

tofuNFT launched in December 2021, and it’s already got a dedicated base of users. At the time of writing, the weekly user count was at 11k, and the trading volume was $3.4M.

6. Gem

Gem is an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace aggregator. This one isn’t a marketplace per se, but since it might be one of the most affordable options for buying NFTs, we had to include it. 

Using an aggregator lets you see the inventory from different marketplaces in a single platform, which is super helpful for finding the lowest price. 

Gem allows you to buy multiple NFTs simultaneously and gives you the option of instant refunds on unavailable items. Most importantly, you’ll save 40% on gas fees. What’s even more convenient is paying for NFTs with any token.

Right now, Gem covers OpenSea, Rarible, LooksRare (this allows you to circumvent the process of buying the $LOOKS token), X2Y2, and NFT20.

The number of weekly users at the time of writing was over 14k, with a total volume of $169M.

7. Objkt

The largest marketplace on the Tezos network, Objkt has an interesting history. It started as a platform that ran auctions for the now discontinued Hic et Nun marketplace and gradually evolved into the go-to NFT platform on Tezos. 

Objkt allows NFT minting, but it also showcases all the NFTs available on Tezos from platforms such as Kalamint, Rarible, and FXHash.

It has a 2.5% fee for all successful transactions. For collectors on Tezos, Objkt features a leaderboard that allows users to monitor popular collections and floor prices across the entire network.

Right now, the weekly user count is at over 9k and the trading volume is $635k.

8. Solanart

Solanart was the first NFT marketplace that launched on Solana. While it’s no longer the number one on the network, it still offers a lot.

The fee is 3%, but creators are free to decide on the amount of creator’s fees that are included in the selling price of the NFTs.

Another excellent feature of this marketplace is the price history that allows collectors to see the performance of the collection over its lifetime. It might be helpful if you want to check if the NFT you’re planning to buy will make for a good investment. 

At the time of writing, the weekly user count is 3.5k with a total volume of $480k.

9. NeftyBlocks

Another WAX marketplace on this list, NeftyBlocks has many nifty features that both collectors and creators will appreciate.

For creators, it allows them to list NFTs globally, meaning that any NFT listed on NeftyBlocks is available on different marketplaces on the WAX blockchain. Collectors can also benefit from this because they can buy NFT listed on other WAX marketplaces.

NeftyBlocks doesn’t have any gas fees, and if you use it to buy and sell NFTs, you’ll be rewarded with the platform’s native token $NEFTY. 

There were almost 10k weekly users of this marketplace at the time of writing, and the weekly volume totaled $317k.

10. NFTrade

NFTrade is an NFT marketplace aggregator that offers features you wouldn’t expect from an aggregator. 

For starters, there are no transaction or gas fees. This means you’ll be able to find the best prices for NFTs across Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche blockchains.

NFTrade supports minting and offers an NFT launchpad that will help creators launch their collections. Perhaps the best feature is the NFT farming, allowing users to stake their idle tokens to earn new NFTs.

This NFT platform had almost 6k weekly users at the moment of writing and almost reached $2M in trading volume.

Covering all bases

These are the best NFT trading platforms you can use right now – but your ultimate choice boils down to your needs.

Are you a collector, a trader, or a creator trying to start the biggest new NFT project?

While OpenSea is still a sound choice, you need to determine if the high gas fees are worth it. The decision becomes more complicated considering that some aggregators also allow you to create NFTs and sell them with no gas fees.

You also need to consider if you’re looking to earn a little extra with marketplaces that offer rewards for using their platform. Whatever your choice may be, the ten platforms on this list will fulfill your needs. So – have at it, people!

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