ThunderCore x TT Farm x Wolverine Pack Giveaway

Wolverine Pack TT Farm Thundercore giveaway

50 lucky winners will win NFTs for TT Farm and Wolverine Pack on the ThunderCore blockchain

Win a pack of TT Farm and Wolverine Pack NFTs exclusively with DappRadar. ThunderCore, TT Farm, Wolverine Pack and DappRadar are giving away 50 NFTs packs to 50 lucky winners. Each winner will get 1 TT Farm NFT and 1 Wolverine Pack NFT. 

Campaign Duration: 2022/12/26 9:00 AM / UTC – 2022/12/30 9:00 AM UTC

Web3 explorers have been able to discover ThunderCore dapps for over three years on DappRadar. The blockchain ecosystem aims to bring self-custody and digital ownership to smartphone users. Tailored for mobile phones, ThunderCore offers high-speed and low transaction costs. 

Top dapps in the ThunderCore ecosystem attract over 100 thousand UAW per week. It’s the smooth and easy interactions that make these dapps attractive. You can find all these ThunderCore dapps in the DappRadar ThunderCore Rankings

One of the rising stars in the ThunderCore ecosystem is TT Farm. With TT Farm users can buy farm animals using stablecoins or the native FTT token. These digital animals then generate yield which players can harvest daily. At the same time ThunderCore has welcomed NFT communities, and Wolverine Pack is leading the herd. 

How to win?

  1. First download the TT Wallet and create an account.
    1. Google Play: 
    2. App Store:
  2. Follow DappRadar, ThunderCore, TT Farm & Wolverine Pack on Twitter
  3. Retweet the campaign tweet from DappRadar
  4. Fill in the form below
    1. Please provide your Twitter handle*
    2. Please provide your TT Wallet Address*

Winners will receive their NFTs giveaway in their TT Wallet account within 7 working days after the conclusion and announcements will be made on Twitter.

How to add ThunderCore to MetaMask

Even though ThunderCore is a unique blockchain ecosystem, the developers have made it EVM-compatible. This means that assets can move from ThunderCore to for example Ethereum, Polygon or BNB Chain without too much trouble. This also means that most Web3 wallet services, like MetaMask, support the ThunderCore ecosystem. 

Thanks to EVM compatibility, your 0x1234abcd5678efgh90ij wallet address on Ethereum is also your address on the ThunderCore blockchain.

However, to see your tokens on ThunderCore in your Web3 wallet, you will need to add it. Go to network selection in your Web3 wallet (i.e. MetaMask) and press “Add Network”, now fill in the following details:

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