ThunderCore Made Porting Dapps Even Easier with $10 Million Growth Fund

ThunderCore Made Porting Dapps Even Easier with $10 Million Growth Fund

Iris network upgrade adds features from EVM London

The user-friendly and fast ThunderCore blockchain has launched the Iris network upgrade on its mainnet, making porting dapps from Ethereum, Avalanche, BSC, and Polygon even easier. The upgrade brings the latest EVM London features to ThunderCore, lowering the barrier to port Solidity projects into the ecosystem. 

The Iris network upgrade compliments the earlier Soter hard fork from December 2020. This network upgrade made the ThunderCore blockchain much more effective, while it also increased security. With the Soter upgrade live for a year now, the Iris upgrade makes ThunderCore part of the multichain paradigm. 

For ThunderCore, the launch of the Iris network upgrade marks the beginning of an era for full EVM compatibility, cross-chain interoperability, and scalability. Thanks to EVM-compatibility dapp developers can easily deploy their creations on multiple blockchain platforms. Every dapp from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche can now make the jump to ThunderCore. This would give developers and users access to a secure, robust, cross-chain-ready, and user-friendly blockchain ecosystem. 

The Iris network upgrade also comes with various useful tools for developers, including a price oracle, more developer templates, and a faucet and block explorer for testnet. The best thing is developers can debug their dapps now directly in ThunderCore Hub thanks to the introduction of Developer Mode.

$10 million growth fund for developers

In November 2021, ThunderCore launched a $10 million growth fund, inviting developers to move their dapps over to the fast-growing ThunderCore ecosystem. The ecosystem is already rich with DeFi and NFT projects, and they now want to foster an even more diverse offering. ThunderCore puts its focus on the GameFi and metaverse space. 

The team has categorized the fund into four different silos, each aimed at different aspects and growth phases for dapps:

  • Accelerator grant – $8 million for seed funding, initial operational funding, support for audit reports, liquidity, and so on 
  • Promotional package – $2 million for sponsorship across ThunderCore’s media outings and priority placements in the ThunderCore Hub
  • Technical assistance – Dapp developers can expect support from the ThunderCore team through private Discord chats
  • Operational consultation – Business and marketing advice, market analysis, and possible collaborations within the ecosystem

Developers can apply for a grant here. The application period will end on December 21, 2022. 

The need for user-friendly blockchains

While the Ethereum blockchain is still popular, it’s crippled by its success. High gas fees mean that users need to pay tens of dollars for a simple transaction. It’s safe to say that this isn’t an option for an industry trying to onboard mainstream consumers. ThunderCore however, is well-positioned. Gas fees are a fraction of a cent, the blockchain completes transactions super fast, and ThunderCore has mobile users in mind. 

At DappRadar we preach the need for a multichain approach to the market. Ultimately users won’t notice which blockchain they use, as assets will flow from one chain to the other. That’s also why ThunderCore’s EVM-compatibility is so important, because it puts this mobile-friendly blockchain ecosystem on par with BSC and Polygon. 

Last year we saw the success of Avalanche and Terra. As the blockchain industry attracts more users, other EVM compatible blockchains will get their chance to shine. ThunderCore is well-positioned for the next wave.

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