ThunderCore and YGG SEA’s Strategic Partnership Fuels Blockchain Gaming

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ThunderCore and YGG SEA promise to boost the Web3 gaming industry in Southeast Asia

ThunderCore and Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA) have formed a strategic partnership to launch a developer program to tackle the growing demand for blockchain games and virtual worlds. The collaboration needs to boost the Web3 gaming industry in Southeast Asia and offer game developers an opportunity to build their community and showcase their projects to a broader audience.


Web3 gaming takes center stage in Southeast Asia

The success of dapps such as Axie Infinity, Sipher, Mintable, Galxe, and more have drawn attention to Southeast Asia’s thriving blockchain market. 

According to Finder’s NFT game statistics, Vietnam and the Philippines are at the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption, with around 23% to 25% of the survey participants having played NFT games in 2022. 

These countries dominate the crypto adoption rankings due to factors such as weak national currencies and limited cross-border currency services. As a result, it drives users to rely on cryptocurrencies for remittances, savings, and addressing other unique financial needs in their economies. 

The Southern Asia region has become a hub for innovation in blockchain-based entertainment, with NFT gaming being particularly popular and a strong factor in attracting new users to crypto. 

ThunderCore and YGG SEA join forces to drive Web3 game innovation

ThunderCore has partnered with YGG SEA, one of the largest blockchain gaming guilds, to fuel the Web3 gaming boom in Southeast Asia. The partnership reflects a commitment to attracting regional and global Web3 talents in the region. 

To achieve this goal, ThunderCore and YGG SEA will establish a developer program to help game devs build their Southeast Asia gaming community and showcase their projects on ThunderCore’s platform to a wider audience.

ThunderCore and YGG SEA empower devs together

The strategic partnership between ThunderCore and YGG SEA presents an array of advantages for developers. For example, developers will gain access to ThunderCore’s proven expertise in user retention and YGG’s thriving community-driven economy. 

ThunderCore has already demonstrated success in the gaming and betting sectors, with its top 10 dapps attracting nearly 500,000 30-day unique active wallets (UAW), according to DappRadar. Additionally, with popular dapps like TT-Dice and TT Prize witnessing an astounding 10,000% increase in UAW for the past 30 days, ThunderCore has positioned itself as a highly attractive ecosystem for dapp developers seeking to build and maintain a dedicated user base. 

With the outstanding weekly performance of UAW from below chart provided by DApp Radar, ThudnerCore definitely has the potential to provide the battle-tested home for the next generation of crypto innovators across Web3, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and the metaverse.

DappRadar industry overview

YGG, on the other hand, has pioneered a DAO structure featuring subDAOs tailored to manage specific groups of games and assets. DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization, meaning that users collaborate on shared goals through token incentives and community participation. Within a DAO, smaller organizations or departments can exist. 

In YGG these subDAOs are based on location or products. These subDAOs are designed to cater to particular markets and user groups, assembling the right talent to efficiently achieve their objectives. YGG SEA is one of the bigger subDAOs within the wider organization.

How to apply

ThunderCore’s Developer Growth Program aims to make it easier for developers to apply and gain support while building dapps. And the partnership with YGG SEA is part of this project. But specifically, this partner program will help game developers build their communities in Southeast Asia.

To apply, developers can complete the application form, the only acceptable submission link for the program. The ThunderCore Developer Growth Fund application period is currently open and will run until 30 September 2023. More details about the program can be found in ThunderCore’s GitBook.

By leveraging the unique strengths of both ThunderCore and YGG SEA, developers can tap into a powerful partnership that offers valuable resources. Most importantly, they can obtain the support required to thrive in the ever-evolving Web3 gaming landscape.

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