Three Web3 Projects Flying Under the Radar

three web3 projects flying under the radar
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MeetsMeta, Jackson NFT and Limewire

2022 hasn’t been a kind year to the web3 community. Crypto prices have dropped and NFT valuations have gone down. FUD has settled in as people begin to ask serious questions about where we go from here. In this dampened environment, DappRadar has found three projects that are creating, innovating and planning for a brighter future.


  • DappRadar’s suite of tools can help alpha-searchers find the next big opportunity in web3.
  • MeetsMeta, Jackson NFT and LimeWire are three smaller projects trying to create something brand new in a competitive market.

With the web3 bear market lingering through 2022, platforms and creators are searching for innovative ways to give their users value.

No longer is it enough to put out a utility-free, unimaginative collection and expect it to mint out in ten minutes. Those days are behind us.

What are NFTs?

Now, utility, creativity and a forward-looking vision need to accompany a project. We’ve found three exciting ventures that fit this description and are currently flying under the radar.


MeetsMeta founder Muhammed Khalid describes the platform as a one-stop show for all things web3. ‘It provides metaverse as a service solution,’ he told me during a chat where we spoke about everything from virtual events to scholarship programs.

First off though, we asked what MeetsMeta actually does and what utility the platform provides. Ultimately, in attempting to build their own web3 resources, they realized that they had to do it all from scratch. 

So they had an idea. ‘We spotted the opportunity of building tools for problems in the market that won’t help only us, but the whole blockchain community’. 

MeetsMeta is creating a selection of out-of-the-box tools that “regular” people can use to develop their own metaverse projects, without needing to be hardcore coders or math PhDs. 

MeetsMeta is built on top of NFT Worlds, which got dealt a blow recently when Microsoft announced that NFTs are not welcome in Minecraft. ‘The news is really sad, for sure,’ said Khalid. ‘We are trying to support all projects that were affected by this.’

But the announcement from Microsoft hasn’t dimmed the platform’s ambition. ‘We planned from the start to develop MeetsMeta into a much bigger project,’ said Khalid. ‘So building on NFT Worlds was only the first stage.’

MeetsMeta: a social networking metaverse

The company plans to build its tool on ‘a standalone platform with its own ecosystem and economy, where we’ll develop the series of tools we’ve already announced.’

And after that, they have even grand plans: ‘The third stage will be to make all the tools we build for ourselves available for the public. They will accessible to anyone who wants to build a metaverse or a play-to-earn game, all in a friendly user interface.’

Say hello to the metaverse middlemen.

Jackson NFT

Lawrence Rogers, the artist behind Jackson NFT, announced on July 18th that he was launching his community-made project. The announcement gained traction and the Discord channel he’s launched since then has gained nearly 1,000 members.

I caught up with him to find out where his inspiration for the artwork came from and how he got involved in web3.

‘Late last year I was working on a cooperative game for Twitch streamers, and started considering making it a play-to-earn game. That’s when I started going down the rabbit hole!’

‘I was disappointed when I saw projects out there that weren’t really taking advantage of the blockchain or innovating on top of it. That’s when I started developing concepts that I thought could use blockchains in new ways.’

So what is the project and how does it work?

The Jackson NFT is unique in that every time someone mints a new one, they add a new brush stroke to all the other ones. By the time all 1,000 tokens are minted, it will represent a genuinely collaborative work of art.

Example of a completed Jackson NFT – ‘the name comes from the artist Jackson Pollock, whose work I thought it resembled.’

‘Jackson is a genesis project for a series of works that I’m developing with similar concepts – enduring, interactive, meaningful art that is made uniquely possible by blockchains.’

The dynamic NFT is minting on July 29th at 4pm UTC for 0.1 ETH. There is no whitelist and mints have been limited to one per wallet.


If you were a 15-year-old in 2002, it’s likely you know what LimeWire is. For everyone one else, it was a peer-to-peer file sharing site from the early days of web2.

After the authorities clamped down on pirated music and films, the site shutdown and subscription service sprang up to replace it.

Now, the brand is back as an NFT marketplace. GameStop isn’t the only heritage name resurrecting itself in the new age of the internet.

LimeWire just announced a partnership with Soulja Boy to release the artist’s new song, ‘LimeWire, in NFT form.

And LimeWire isn’t the only platform using blockchain technology to improve fairness and ensure ownership in the music industry. Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki and DJ Marshmellow have long been players in the game.

This LimeWire NFT sold for $1,050

So why is LimeWire a project worth looking out for?

Firstly, older companies with famous brand names are having a bit of a moment right now. We’ve already mentioned GameStop, whose NFT marketplace has already outsold Coinbase’s. And Lacoste, the tennis clothing manufacturer that launched in 1933, had a bit of a run with its NFT sales in June.

LimeWire’s own NFT collection is currently flying under the radar. It hasn’t sold out but its Discord channel has nearly 32,000 members. They also boast around 26,500 followers on Twitter.

It remains to be seen whether blockchain asset marketplace will veer towards a few mega platforms or lots of smaller ones. If it’s the latter, then LimeWire could make a name for itself as the go-to place for pop culture and music-related NFTs.

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