Thothus Makes DeFi Easy Through Gaming on the Cardano Blockchain

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Thothus is a DeFi platform living on the Cardano blockchain

Thothus is a decentralized exchange and finance platform on the Cardano blockchain, dedicated to crypto gaming and the metaverse. Users can tap into Thothus the swap tokens, farm, and check out the NFT marketplace. Each of these services is tailored to blockchain gaming and the metaverse.


  • Thothus is committed to providing a DeFi platform for blockchain gamers and metaverse users. 
  • The platform offers swapping, farming, rankings, an NFT marketplace, and more. 
  • With the governance token TOT and the utility token TEUS, the Thothus ecosystem has two fundamental tokens.

The metaverse is evolving into the next generation of human-computer interaction platforms. According to Forbes, the metaverse enables the convergence of the physical and digital worlds in the revolution of Web3 technology, creating an $800 billion market opportunity. Among all the metaverse sectors, gaming is, beyond any doubt, one of the most vibrant. 

Blockchain gaming introduced play-to-earn mechanics, which fundamentally changed the logic of how to build a game economy. Furthermore, these mechanics enable users to turn game time into income. With a commitment to further drive innovation of game economic models, Thothus will leverage its experience as a decentralized exchange to create an ultimate DeFi experience for metaverse gaming.

Pillars of Thothus platform

Thothus strives to provide a robust, community-driven DeFi platform dedicated to the blockchain gaming sector. To achieve this goal, the Thothus team built the platform to address various needs of metaverse gamers, while also saving developers the hassle of creating their own DeFi system. All this runs on the Cardano blockchain, providing users with fast and cheap services. Let’s take a closer look at what Thothus will provide once the developers are done building the platform:

  • Metaverse Swap – With decentralization at its heart, Metaverse Swap is the go-to place for gamers to buy and sell their in-game and metaverse assets in a trustless environment.
  • Metaverse Farm – This protocol offers farming of gaming and metaverse tokens by staking them as collateral in a smart contract.
  • Metaverse Marketplace – Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) play a critical role in blockchain gaming by granting players ownership over their assets. With the Metaverse Marketplace, users can buy, sell and auction their NFT assets securely and effortlessly. 
  • Metaverse Library – This virtual library allows users to find learning materials, ideas, and gaming strategies. Sharing one’s metaverse gaming knowledge will generate rewards in the Thothus native token.
  • Metaverse Rankings – Metaverse games pop up in abundance, and users only want to experience the highest quality games. In response, Metaverse Ranking will give users a data-driven ranking to help them find their favorite games effectively.

It is worth mentioning that Thothus is a community-driven platform, where community members have the right to participate in the project’s decision-making through voting.

The tokenomics of Thothus

Thothus platform introduced TOT as its governance token and TEUS as a utility token.TOT starts with a market capitalization of $974,225 and a total supply of 95,000,000 tokens. Users can receive TOT as rewards by participating in Metaverse Farm. Users may earn TEUS tokens when submitting contributions to the Metaverse Library.

Why Cardano?

Thothus resonates with Cardano’s scientific approach and research-first methodology. Moreover, Cardano’s technology aims to drive the mass adoption of decentralization of the financial system, which perfectly fits into Thothus’ objective of revolutionizing the DeFi experience in the metaverse. Last but not least, Cardano provides the flexibility of enabling other protocols to be inserted into the primary protocol, which fulfills the demands of diverse use cases.

Final words

The Thothus platform is progressing at a high pace and has achieved many milestones. For example, the TOT token was oversubscribed in the seed round. Subsequently, Whakaaro VC and several angel investors acquired the entire seed round of TOT tokens for $213,750. This means that Thothus’ positioning and DeFi achievements have been recognized. DappRadar will keep monitoring the latest development of Thothus. To keep up with the latest happenings in the crypto world, follow DappRadar on Twitter. 

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