This Is Nouns Saw Growth As Blue-chip NFTs Held Steady Momentum

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This is Nouns kicked off a strong week for the NFT space, raking in nearly $1 million in trading volume in the first days of January. This past week also saw a number of blue-chip NFT collections soaring up the rankings. Bored Ape, Mutant Ape, and Azuki stood proudly in the top three. And Captainz, a newcomer to the scene, has already gone on an unstoppable streak.

This is Nouns proves the power of community

This is Nouns is the champion of growth in the past week, registering over $1 million in trading volume in its debut week. 

As can be seen from the name, This is Nouns is an approved project from NounsDAO. The proposal suggested a more effective and entertaining way to explain the Nouns project to everyone.

The result is the following branding video, an animation made by Ordinary Folk.

This video was released as a Timed Open Edition consisting of 3,526 units for a price of 0.05 ETH each. The proceeds from the sale were split between Nouns (60%) and Ordinary Folk (40%), the video production studio.

In short, the Nouns community brought a highly visible marketing campaign to the project through a bottom-up proposal and crowdfunding via NFTs. Notably, the video has been watched 4,000 times on Youtube, and the tweet with the embedded video has received over 22,500 views.

The project has not disclosed what benefits users will get from holding this NFT video fragment. But with 60% of the proceeds from the crowdfunding, it’s a good bet that NounsDAO will come up with some good ideas to spend the money and give back to the community. Just like they did with this funky video above.

Top 10 NFT Collections swam in the ocean of green

Data source: DappRadar NFT Rankings

As we enter the second week of the new year, the NFT world is making a remarkable comeback. According to DappRadar NFT Explorer, the top 10 collections showed an almost unanimous increase in 7-day metrics.

Yuga Labs projects top the list

Looking at the chart above, all of Yuga Labs’ projects have seen a strong uptick in numbers. The Otherside, the metaverse gaming project in Yuga Labs’ ecosystem, has released a series of interactive clues on its latest mint in the past few weeks. 

This has undoubtedly excited the community and has brought floor price increases of 10.22% for both Bored Ape and Mutant Ape, and 55.11% for Bored Kennel, respectively.

Azuki follows closely

Equally impressive was the performance of Azuki, the blue-chip collection for Web3’s fashion and culture. The project witnessed a 37% increase in floor price and a 129% jump in trading volume to $12.92 million.

Azuki continues to build a compelling narrative for its project while creating more tangible utilities through numerous collaborations within and outside the industry. These efforts include working with brand designers to produce apparel, developing stories for its IPs, and joining the largest photo social network in China, to name a few.

Read the following Twitter thread to keep up with the latest news from the Azuki community.

Captainz, a new face in the top 10

Captainz is the latest addition to the Memeland ecosystem. The minting started on January 7th, and the collection is currently ranked 4th on our chart above with $11.28 million in volume. 

According to the official website, this 9,999-pirate collection will play a vital role for users to start their adventures in Memeland. In addition, Captainz allows users to participate in future tokens and land-related rewards.

You may not know Memeland, but surely you must have heard of 9gag. This social media company, with 150 million visitors per month, is a source of laughter for many people every day.

9gag, the Hong Kong-based company, was founded in 2008 and has been trying to move into the gaming industry for a long time. The team is now actively leveraging the Web3 strategy to achieve its goal of tapping into the gaming business.

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