Top 5 Things You Can Do With DappRadar

Top Things You Can Do With DappRadar
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Here’s how you can take advantage of the world’s dapp store

In the journey of following decentralized applications since 2018, DappRadar is one of the most prominent references in the crypto world. The platform has a global audience eager to learn about the biggest web3 projects.

While we have brilliant minds democratizing access to high-quality information, it’s easy to get lost in DappRadar’s many tools.

Discover the top 5 things you can do with DappRadar to make fast, data-driven investment decisions.

Top 5 Things You Can Do With DappRadar

1. Track Dapps on Our Rankings

DappRadar’s first and main feature is essential for people getting into crypto. In the DappRadar Rankings, you can follow thousands of dapps from more than 40 blockchains in real-time.

New dapps (decentralized applications) emerge daily and it is essential to stay up to date with projects and market values to know when and if to invest.

DappRadar Rankings

You can also filter dapps by category and become savvier in areas like games, gambling, exchanges, marketplaces, collectibles, and so on. Moreover, DappRadar offers cutting-edge reports covering the entire crypto industry, including dedicated statistics and information for individual projects.

The latter is available for PRO members. These are for the truly dedicated users seeking a qualified market analysis and overall in-depth analytics.

If you want to access our PRO features, community, and more, join us and get your DappRadar PRO membership.

2. Find the Best NFT Collections

Launched in June 2022, DappRadar’s NFT Collection Explorer came to expand the experience of digital asset collectors in our community.  It allows you to follow all the action around these unique and valuable items in one place.

There you can find information on the most popular NFTs, their prices, the evolution of the collections, and data on the creators and sellers of these NFTs. Stay ahead of the game with real-time advanced actionable insights. 

DappRadar NFT Explorer

The tool allows you to sort thousands of collections on a ranking by time, and filter it by Volume, Traders, and Sales. It’s also worth mentioning that DappRadar Pro members have access to enhanced data.

DappRadar NFT Rankings

In addition, our NFT Ranking also keeps you informed about activities and projects that deserve your attention.

It’s a fantastic tool for collectors who want to find out what’s trending in the NFT space – so far, only on the Ethereum network.

Going even further, DappRadar also has an NFT Value Estimator, which uses a machine-learning algorithm that combines current price and historical price from various sources to deliver estimates.

3. Manage Your Portfolio

Now you know how to analyze dapps and NFTs with DappRadar, you must also carefully manage your wallet. That’s when DappRadar’s Portfolio comes in.

This tool combines all the things you can do with DappRadar. It allows users to oversee and manage their digital assets from different blockchains with our data.

Once you connect your web3 wallet, you can view your portfolio on your desktop and mobile device. All the crypto and NFT assets stored in that wallet address will be tracked, and you’ll get to see the changes in your portfolio value over a period of time.

DappRadar Portfolio Tracker

You get to see a summary of both your crypto tokens and also NFTs registered to your wallet.

At the time of writing, DappRadar’s portfolio tracker supported Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon protocol wallets.

4. Explore, Swap, and Stake Tokens

Speaking of tracking your tokens, another great thing you can do with DappRadar is using our Token Explorer.

On this page, you can track the latest token prices on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon and have an overview of the market. New tokens are also available for discovery, and you can filter the rankings on the token types, such as gaming, DeFi, and exchanges.

Furthermore, you can even Swap tokens at DappRadar at the best possible rates using our Token Swap feature. There’s also a functionality where you can buy crypto directly from your fiat credit card.

DappRadar Token Swap

It uses 0x Protocol to search for the best possible trading opportunities across multiple decentralized exchanges. As this is a complex theme, if you’re interested in swapping coins with DappRadar, read our FAQ answers first.

But it doesn’t stop there! We cannot forget to address DappRadar’s latest launch, the RADAR token. The native token scaling our ecosystem launched in December 2021 and since then has already attracted a lot of attention.

RADAR is the beginning of a decentralized future at DappRadar. It is already possible, however, to stake the currency through our website.

5. Get Access to News & Educational Content

Diving into blockchain projects would not be possible without also delving into the knowledge of the area – or at least that’s how it should be.

The DappRadar blog is filled with essential content to guide you in the world of cryptocurrencies. In addition to complete tutorials for beginners, we also cover the top news you need to be aware of to invest wisely. All of that is in plain English, so anyone can join the movement.

Of course, the data and statistics available on DappRadar’s products provide excellent insights into the industry. But the foundation of all this information is in our content created daily.

Not only in our blog, but also in our videos on YouTube. There you will find from easy-to-follow tutorials to market reports and the best opinions on unmissable podcasts.

Are you ready to join the DappRadar community?

These are just some of the best things to do with DappRadar. We didn’t even mention the awesome weekly Airdrops, Celebrity Wallets, and DeFi features available. You can and should explore our platform, as we are always looking for new ways to improve your experience.

By joining our community, you will be surrounded by people with brilliant minds working towards wise investments in blockchain technologies.

This goes beyond using our products or tracking our content. The world of decentralized applications is all about being connected for growth.

We know that web3 is an ever-changing space, and the DappRadar team would love to accompany you on your journey.

Now you know the best things you can do with DappRadar. We will continue to work hard for promoting growth in this brave new world, and hope to see you here again in the future.

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