Theta Is Evolving into a Dynamic, Sustainable, and Diverse Ecosystem

Theta Network’s media ecosystem is thriving

With various promising blockchain projects launched on it, Theta is evolving into a highly dynamic, sustainable, and diverse ecosystem for the media and entertainment industries. Various projects help to push Theta forward, including video tracking tool Replay and community-oriented Thetaboard. 

Theta Network revolutionizes the media and entertainment industry by providing a blockchain-enabled infrastructure for video delivery. Specifically, Theta’s infrastructure empowers existing video and media platforms to generate incremental revenues and reduce content delivery costs. Furthermore, it rewards users for sharing their spare storage/or bandwidth on digital devices.

The Theta blockchain is purposely-built to take the media and entertainment industry to the Web 3.0 era. Theta Network runs on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, which is fast, cheap, and resource-efficient. In addition, Theta supports Turing complete smart contracts that are fully compatible with Ethereum. As a result, it opens the door for projects hoping to upgrade through blockchain technology. Notably, Theta’s technical infrastructure has matured significantly over the past year. The Theta team now shifted its focus to building the Theta ecosystem and accelerating the adoption of Theta as the leading media and entertainment platform.

With an ambitious roadmap outlined for 2022, Theta has already onboarded various outstanding projects.

Video tracking with Replay

Replay is a video tracking and payments platform powered by Theta Blockchain technology. Replay aims to promote trust, transparency, speed, and equal opportunity for everyone involved in video production and distribution. So whether you are a content creator, distributor, or consumer, you can always benefit from Replay’s innovation.

Replay tracks content usage on playback and records all data in a distributed ledger. It benefits content creators by enabling them to license content and get paid for their content in real-time. You can think of Replay as a “universal meter” for content consumption and payment platform. 

For content distributors, regardless of your business model, whether you sell subscriptions, run ads, or provide rentals or PPV, Replay helps you discover and access a wide range of content for distribution and monetization.

As a consumer, you can enjoy unlimited free content, including Hollywood blockbusters, premium movies, series, documentaries, indie movies, and content from thousands of creators worldwide. Furthermore, audiences can unlock NFT-based content and support their favorite creators. Replay’s native token RPLAY will facilitate the ecosystem to serve as a payment method in this dynamic creator economy. Additionally, creators can also earn income in RPLAY.

Secure emails with Bullit 

Secure email and secure file transfers haven’t evolved much in decades, especially in their privacy and security aspects. Bullit proposes a new solution that consolidates Secure File Transfer, Secure Email, and Secure Data Storage into one easy-to-use app.

With Bullit, the receiver will be the only one who can open it, not any malicious third party. Moreover, further enhanced security features can allow the receiver to open only after accepting T&Cs. In addition to that, Bullit’s content and files can be converted into NFTs to ensure absolute ownership, authenticity, and provenance. 

Thetaboard as a complete dashboard service

Thetaboard is a dashboard that displays data related to a user’s Theta wallet. In addition, the dashboard provides an intuitive interface for users to understand their asset portfolio performance and other useful figures such as Theta’s market price. Thetaboard positions itself as the go-to destination for anyone interested in the Theta ecosystem. Users can access the platform functions via three methods: using their wallet address, the Theta wallet Chrome extension, or through a Theta domain.

The project’s most significant accomplishment is bringing value to the Theta community by creating a touchpoint that users will constantly visit. So whenever users need to check their assets’ latest performance, this is always the most convenient place to go, the portal to the Theta economy for end-users.

NFTs and more with OpenTheta

Another project that accelerates Theta Network’s expansion is the OpenTheta NFT marketplace. It aims to smoothly equip creators to launch their NFTs on the Theta blockchain. OpenTheta provides the infrastructure required as a marketplace and handles all the technical aspects of an NFT launch. OpenTheta is still in its early stages. The project’s next step is to bring more sophisticated features to the marketplace and enrich the NFT minting and trading experience on Theta Network. 

The future of Theta Network

Theta’s ecosystem revolves around its core technology. Stakeholders in the ecosystem include:

1. Live streaming, over-the-top media services, and video platforms

2. Theta community & Developers

3. ThetaDrop NFT community

4. Live experience and event organizers

5. ThetaSwap DeFi/DEX community

6. Brand and content partners

Theta Stakeholders

While Theta’s ecosystem is taking its form, the Theta team is making steady progress towards its goal. On the one hand, the team strives for perfection on the technical side. On the other hand, Theta actively promotes business partnerships with significant video industry teams. Many ongoing strategic discussions with global video and over-the-top platforms are already happening. Theta will equip these companies from the traditional video industry to leverage NFTs and digital collectibles as a new source of revenue. Those companies will benefit from Theta’s decentralized streaming and video delivery network. Theta is robustly evolving into a more usable, dynamic, and self-sustainable content-delivery platform.

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