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Find out which celebs are joining in on the NFT hype

Just a few months ago, the concept of buying and selling crypto art via non-fungible tokens (NFTs) would have perhaps been seen as fictional. Arguably, the key catalyst event was when world-famous auction house Christie’s sold a digital photomontage, “Everyday’s—The First 5,000 Days,” for $69.3 million dollars, elevating creator Mike Winklemann, better known as Beeple to new heights. Since that time the NFT market and its key players have become the hottest topic of conversation.

Before we proceed it’s important to know that NFTs are secured blockchain-based records that represent pieces of digital media and in 99% of cases are bought with cryptocurrency. Much like the priceless nature of a Van Gogh painting, the original creation is worth more than the copies and reprints, and the same follows for NFTs and their copyrights. 


Renowned musical artist and blockchain enthusiast 3LAU sold a music album for $11 million on the Ethereum blockchain. The album was sold as 33 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Origin Protocol’s Dshop. Starting on February 25th, 2021, buyers were able to bid on one of 33 NFTs during a three-day period. Hitting $11.6 million, 3LAU’s album set a record for the most NFT sales generated in a single auction. 

Now that the sale is complete, buyers will be able to redeem these NFTs for limited edition vinyl, unreleased music, and even the chance to collaborate with 3LAU himself. 

Steve Aoki 

DJ Steve Aoki openly stated that he thinks that NFTs are a game-changer and here to stay. Aoki partnered with creative director and 3D visual artist Antonio Tudisco to create the Dream Catcher piece that also came with physical copies, which earned more than $4.29 million. More recently Aoki partnered again with motivational speaker Tom Bileus to launch the “Neon Future” NFT set. The sci-fi comic was created by digital artist Maciej Kyciara and went live on Nifty Gateway on April 27. 

Aoki states that he has always been a passionate collector, and the overlap between music and new ways of collecting art has given him “an opportunity to finally merge art, collectible culture, and music in a way I’ve never been able to realize before.” Interestingly, Aoki is the founder of the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund, which raises money for global humanitarian relief organizations. To date, it is not clear if he will leverage NFTs for that project. 

Paris Hilton

In the early 2000s, Paris Hilton represented all the upcoming trends and was arguably the first mainstream influencer. From her commitment to fashion to stating that a selfie will become the new autograph, the Hilton Hotels heiress always seemed to be one step ahead of the curve. In collaboration with designer Blake Kathryn, Hilton created a series that featured three unique pieces, titled “Hummingbird in My Metaverse,” “Legend of Love,” and “Iconic Crypto Queen.” 

As of April 2021, Hilton sold the entire collection for just over a million dollars and she has introduced two new real-life pets, “Crypto Hilton” and “Ether Reum,” which are an ode to Hilton’s NFTs obsession.


In late April 2021, Eminem shared his first NFT collection titled “Shady Con” which took the form of a digital festival that gave fans the chance to own an NFT collectible on the Nifty Gateway platform. The one-of-one tracks, including original instrumental beats created by the rapper, were released prior to the limited edition festival. At the time of the release, Eminem reportedly said that his love for collectibles when he was young didn’t have a market and he is happy to recreate some of those collections. 

Eminem reportedly made $1.78million from his first collection of ‘Shady Con’ non-fungible tokens. The most valuable item in the collection was a one-of-a-kind video called ‘STANS’ REVENGE’, which also came with physical items, like a rare pair of Eminem’s Carhartt Air Jordan trainer collaboration. 


Perhaps best known for her relationship with tech billionaire Elon Musk, digital artist and musician Grimes auctioned off a collection of digital artwork for millions of dollars. The singer launched her digital collection, “WarNymph,” in a sale set to last just 48 hours. However, Grimes’ 10 NFTs sold for over $5.8 million in under 20 minutes after she released a Tweet promoting the sale. Grimes sold the art pieces on the NFT trading platform Nifty Gateway.

The artwork includes ethereal images of a baby with wings in space, and some pieces are set to new music from Grimes. The piece “Earth” features the unreleased song “Ærythe.” The piece “Mars” has the “Mars Theme,” and “Death of the Old” contains a demo of “Anhedonia.”

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