The World’s Most Visible Artists Are Using NFTs To Truly Benefit Their Fans

The World’s Most Visible Artists Are Using NFTs To Truly Benefit Their Fans
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NFTs allow collectors to own artworks by the world’s most famous artists at affordable prices.

Mega-artists like James Jean, Obey Giant, and Joan Cornella are tapping into the NFT sphere. They are using this emerging technology to benefit their loyal patrons and build a closer relationship with fans by eliminating the third parties inherent in the art industry. 


  • Today’s article will share various NFT projects that allow art fans to collect art pieces from famous artists at a reasonable price.
  • Outland Art lets James Jean’s Fragments NFT holders redeem the artist’s physical artwork.
  • Obey Giant’s DEGENERATE/REGENERATE NFT holders can obtain OBEY token drops.
  • MOAR by Joan Cornella provides community members a gateway to other established NFT projects.  
  • Furthermore, users can find insightful information about thousands of NFT projects with  DappRadar NFT Explorer
  • Stay tuned for upcoming interviews with NFT artists and collectors on DappRadar. 

The world of NFTs has never lacked “legends”. Interestingly, many NFT collections that came out of nowhere have somehow managed to take their floor price to the sky. But, unfortunately, when it comes to the aesthetics of those NFTs, it might require more than a little effort to appreciate them. 

NFT collectibles are cool and useful in many cases. But maybe it’s better to have real experts do what they’re good at, like making art.

Read this article to learn about the top 20 emerging artists in the NFT field.

So, if you are not flipping NFTs for profit and purely enjoy pop culture and art trends, there are many NFT projects curated by well-established artists with incredible perks. They are designed to bring you a unique art collecting experience but at an affordable price. 

James Jean x Outland: collect everything, everywhere, all at once

American visual artist James Jean is currently one of the most sought-after artists in the world. Renowned for his hyper-stylized aesthetic, James Jean infuses various elements to build his worlds — from oriental scroll paintings to modern pop cultures, such as anime and comics. 

James Jean Instagram

His art prints always feature multiple intricate enhancements that elevate the image to unfathomable dimensions. So naturally, his prints usually sell out within minutes upon launch.

This year, apart from creating a unique poster for the hit film Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, James Jean partnered with Outland Art to release an art NFT collection called Fragments. The collection was minted as an edition size of 7,000 hand-drawn NFTs to reflect the physical sculpture unveiled in 2023.

artist using NFTs James Jean

Thanks to the Outland Merch platform, Fragments have already dropped several exciting perks for its community members. 

Outland Art is a platform that turns people’s passion for art into rewards utilizing NFTs. To do so, the platform introduced a system called Points, which allows NFT holders to redeem artworks from the world’s most famous artists. 

Let’s use Fragments NFT as an example to elaborate on how the system works. So if you have a Fragment NFT in your wallet and already have an Outland account, the system will automatically distribute points to your account daily. 

Recently, Outland teamed up with James Jean and let users redeem the artist’s widely loved prints using their points. The mechanism sounds similar to staking but without all the confusing terms and interface. All you need to do is: hold an NFT, collect points automatically, and later get a beautiful physical print for free.  

artists using nfts Outland Art

Obey Giant: the best-known street artist decodes the Web3 fan economy

Many people may not have heard of Shepard Fairey, but they might have seen the iconic OBEY logo or the recognizable face below on streets, passers-by’s caps, and T-shirts. 

artists using nfts obey

The world’s most popular street artist, Shepard Fairey or Obey Giant, believes in “scrutinizing everything. Never make assumptions”. So after weighing the pros and cons, Obey entered the world of NFT and leveraged cryptos to play the fan economy to the hilt. 

The artist’s biggest NFT project is DEGENERATE/REGENERATE, with a total volume of 1,286 ETH. Even though it was launched end of last year, the project maintains its traction with the collector community, seeing a 21% sales increase over the previous 24 hours, according to DappRadar NFT Explorer.  

artists using nfts obey giant

Obey’s crypto community consists of two primary parts: NFTs and OBEY social tokens. 

OBEY is a token within the Obey Giant web3 community for unique experiences and early access to creative works. At the moment, OBEY can not be purchased and will be occasionally distributed to pre-existing NFT holders and via other community-only events.

Joan Cornella: from paper all the way to the metaverse

Known for his powerful black humor, Joan Cornellà Vázquez is undoubtedly one of the most popular cartoonists and illustrators today. Fans love Joan Cornellà for his witty and sarcastic comment on the dark side of human nature. Even though he usually addresses unpleasant topics, his genius use of simple visual language and cheerful palette makes the audience light-hearted.

April this year, Joan Cornellà launched his first-ever NFT project, MOAR, a mansion in the metaverse where 5,555 NFT creatures live. MOAR is a virtual space where users can find shops, games, and virtual exhibitions.

artists using nfts Joan Cornella

The popularity of this project can be seen in the engagement of the community. Impressively, there are over 200,000 members in MOAR’s Discord sharing their passion for all sorts of things every day. Holders of MOAR have already received multiple stylish merches this year. In the future, they will have access to Joan Cornellà’s physical and virtual exhibitions. 

But what’s really appealing to many community members is that MOAR has established an extensive network with many promising NFT projects. MOAR members have secured numerous whitelisting opportunities for various prominent NFT projects, including Super Cool World, a Top 10 NFT art collection on OpenSea. 

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What are the other benefits of holding these NFT projects by well-known artists apart from enjoying their visuals?

First, compared to blue-chip NFT projects on the market, these artist-led projects can maintain a relatively stable floor price even amid a bear market. It is perfect for genuine art fans who are not get-rich-quickers. 

In addition, the value of such NFTs is backed by the artist’s creativity instead of over-promised roadmaps. What’s more, the chance of encountering a rug pull with these projects is very low.

But we must still remind users to do a comprehensive research before buying any NFT. Learn these projects’ transaction history and periodic performance with DappRadar’s NFT Tracking tool. 

Let’s not forget to mention that DappRadar will interview NFT artists and collectors from various backgrounds to share their thoughts on hot topics and market trends. So let us know via Twitter and Discord whose story you want to hear the most.

Finally, when ready to get some NFTs, you can simply trade them using DappRadar’s portfolio management tool. Check out the video below to learn how to benefit from it. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest developments in the NFT field. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world. 

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