The Sandbox Spent $1 Million on Moonbirds – Top 10 NFT Sales

Top 10 NFT Sales Apr 18-24 week 16 2022
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Community-powered virtual world project wants to promote NFT culture with million dollar purchases

The virtual world project The Sandbox paid 350 ETH or little more than $1 million for Moonbirds NFT #2642, making it the most valuable NFT purchase of the week. This also makes the green Moonbird the highest sale in the NFT collection so far. Another green Moonbirds NFT sold for $519,590, suggesting that the buyer could already be looking at a good amount of profit. 

The Sandbox is no stranger to buying high valued NFTs from prominent collections. Last year they bought a golden Bored Ape NFT for more than $2.9 million. That particular NFT then became a showpiece in the company’s virtual museum. The purchase of Moonbirds #2642 fits the same narrative, bringing valuable NFT culture into The Sandbox. 

The NFT collection owned by The Sandbox contains collectible assets from various projects, including 31 Bored Apes, 21 Mutant Apes, 30 World of Women, 8 CyberKongz, 7 Doodles and the list continues. DappRadar estimates the total value of their vault at $21.96 million at the time of writing. 

Top 10 NFT Sales – Week 16 – April 18-24, 2022

  1. Moonbirds #2642 – $1,030,000 / 350 ETH – Bought by The Sandbox
  2. Moonbirds #3904$905,930 / 305 ETH – Bought by 0x79
  3. Moonbirds #5602 – $888,110 / 299 ETH – Bought by 0x79
  4. Moonbirds #7789 – $612,430 / 205 ETH – Bought by 0x19f NFT whale
  5. Moonbirds #8154 – $591,080 / 199 ETH – Bought by 0x79
  6. CryptoPunk #9235 – $561,720 / 190 ETH – Bought by Magic Shen
  7. CryptoPunk #5974 – $549,760 / 185.69 ETH – Buyer moved it their vault
  8. Moonbirds #8249 – $541,070 / 175 ETH – Bought by 0x4b
  9. Moonbirds #5079 – $519,590 / 169 ETH – Bought by Kran.eth
  10. Bored Ape #2552 – $477,860 / 155 ETH – Buyer’s wallet

The rise of Moonbirds

Moonbirds only launched one week ago and already dominates headlines in the NFT space. Last week we reported that Jimmy Fallon got his hands on two Moonbirds and now the Moonbirds NFT collection has become the talk of town. Minting started at 2.5 ETH. The floor price reached 20 ETH after two days, and right now the cheapest Moonbird will cost you 34 ETH or $97,000.

There’s a bigger story here than just the value of the Moonbirds. There’s a story about a collective of NFT collectors and artists, a boys club created through 1,000 NFTs. This group forms the PROOF Collective, and you can read more about Moonbirds and their origins in our explanation article.

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