The Sandbox Migrates to Polygon This Summer

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Virtual world to lower carbon footprint on low-fee blockchain

Virtual gaming world The Sandbox has announced its migration to Polygon blockchain, moving its entire NFT ecosystem to the low-fee sidechain. Their reasoning for this move is twofold: a better user experience and a 99% reduction of their carbon footprint. 

This summer The Sandbox will migrate its ecosystem from Ethereum mainnet to the Polygon sidechain. They expect to consume 100 times less energy after the transition has been completed. Apparently, The Sandbox has been very serious about decreasing itsr carbon footprint by supporting different initiatives that plant trees and set up regenerative agriculture projects across the globe.

The integration of Polygon will happen in every aspect of the ecosystem of The Sandbox. NFT minted through VoxEdit will do so on Polygon, while the entire NFT marketplace will also use the sidechain service.

According to their internal estimates, The Sandbox has been responsible for 350,000 tonnes of CO2 emission this year alone. That’s the equivalent of 870,000 miles of driving with an average passenger vehicle or the production of 87,000 hamburgers. 

Improved user experience on Polygon

While The Sandbox spins their press release around the environmental friendliness of their move, the change also comes with other user benefits. Polygon has become a sidechain of choice for many projects thanks to its fast and cheap transactions. Cometh, Aavegotchi, Ember Sword, and F1 Delta Time are just some of the gaming projects that have moved or announced their move to Polygon this year.

Polygon blockchain has been making a name for itself in the DeFi sector. QuickSwap, Aave, and SushiSwap have seen tremendous growth over the past months. These products outperform their Ethereum counterparts on several key metrics. It’s very clear that Polygon is catching up on Binance Smart Chain, which gave Ethereum some tough DeFi competition earlier this year.

The Sandbox in demand

In the past 30 days, The Sandbox has seen its trading volume increase 14% to more than $3,98 million. During that same time, the number of traders and sales also increased, 15% and 11% respectively. Increased demand for The Sandbox happens as land in virtual worlds is seeing more demand. 

Last week The Sandbox sold 1,080 land parcels within 3 seconds. This Thursday the second wave of their Summer Jam sales will take place, selling another 1,050 land parcels and an additional 350 premium land parcels. In addition, they will auction bigger estates through auctions on the OpenSea NFT Marketplace

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