What Bear Market? The Monument Game Sells Gamified Art for 420 ETH

The Monument Game Sells Gamified Art for 420 ETH
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Community-centered NFT projects such as HYTOPIA and Blitmap have also seen a surge in trading volume

The gamified art project The Monument Game by Sam Spratt recently fetched a substantial 420.69 ETH in an auction by Nifty Gateway. For the first time, the general public is openly welcomed and rewarded to interpret fine art, bypassing traditional gatekeeping. Importantly, this spirit of community empowerment resonates not only in artistic NFTs but also in gaming NFTs, a trend that recent data supports.


Sam Spratt’s gamified artistry: a fusion of creativity and interaction

On 25 August, The Monument Game achieved a remarkable milestone by auctioning to 10F1 Art’s founder at an impressive price of 420.69 ETH. Known for their pursuit of high-end NFT art, 10F1 is famed for curating the global tour of Beeple’s Human One NFT artwork.

What is The Monument Game?

The Monument Game is an integral part of Luci, an immersive art world crafted by the visionary artist Sam Spratt. In The Monument Game, Sam Spratt’s digital painting brims with intricate details drawn from his personal memories, childhood experiences, and relationships. By inviting viewers to engage in “Observing,” Spratt seeks to unravel how individuals perceive things differently.

To “observe” and interpret the painting, viewers need to acquire the “Player” NFT, which was initially valued at 3.33 ETH. Presently, the trading floor for this open edition has surged to 5.15 ETH, up by 55%. With 256 NFTs sold, the Player culminated in a total transaction value of 261 ETH.

The monument game player

The gamified journey of The Monument Game extends its reach even further. The top three interpretations, or observations, will receive rewards.  That is the esteemed Skulls of Luci, a prize of both value and distinction. Commanding a noteworthy floor price of 190.69 ETH, Skull of Luci secures entry into the project’s council, a dynamic group guiding Luci’s trajectory.

skull of luci

In the interplay of artistic creation and viewer interpretation, The Monument Game shines as a symbol of collaborative storytelling and community involvement. And this groundbreaking creative journey that redefines traditional art norms.

Just as art lovers have embraced collaboration, gaming enthusiasts are embarking on a similar journey that reshapes their relationship with virtual worlds, assets, and narratives. 

Pioneering community empowerment, gaming NFTs leading the way

Within the expansive realms of gaming and the metaverse, both HYTOPIA and Blitmap have experienced significant surges in NFT trading volume.

HYTOPIA sees a 122% increase in NFT trading volume

HYTOPIA is on its journey toward becoming the Web3 Minecraft. The HYTOPIA Chain testnet was successfully launched on 27 August, heralding a new era of unique experiences for metaverse creators and explorers. 

The platform has been buzzing with trading activities over the past week as it gears up for its highly anticipated full launch later this year. As a result, both HYTOPIA lands and avatars saw increased demand, propelling its NFT trading volume to $246,440, up by 122%.


Central to HYTOPIA’s mission is to overcome limitations and gaps inherent within the Minecraft ecosystem, as well as a commitment to modernizing player experiences. To delve deeper into its transformative endeavor, we invite you to explore our comprehensive article.

Blitmap’s Logos release fuels NFT trading

The Blitmap ecosystem will add a third collection to the fold. Collectors who possess a Blitmap or Blitnaut during the snapshot period will be granted access to claim a valuable Logos creation key. 

Notably, the trading volume for Blitmap has surged by an impressive 168%, while Blitnaut’s trading volume has skyrocketed by 273%. This surge in activity is attributed to users racing to secure a spot for Logos.


Initially created by Dom Hofmann, the creator of Vine and the Loot NFT project, the Blitmap is a collaborative sci-fantasy universe. While it may have had its beginnings intertwined with celebrity influence, the project truly comes to life through the combined efforts of the community. 

Logos, essential characters woven into this universe, will elevate Blitmap’s storytelling to new heights. Spanning three distinctive formats—pixel, 2D, and 3D—Logos unlocks diverse adventures across dimensions, promising an immersive journey for all.

A new dawn of empowerment and engagement

In the convergence of gamified art and gaming NFTs, a powerful synergy emerges, reshaping the landscape of creativity and ownership. Through projects like The Monument Game, artistic interpretation becomes a shared experience, breaking down traditional barriers. Simultaneously, the soaring trading volumes in gaming NFTs signify a community-driven revolution in virtual worlds. 

Together, they illuminate a new paradigm where empowerment, engagement, and innovation are redefined in the realm of NFTs.

To keep track of these transformative trends and explore the vast NFT universe, leverage DappRadar to stay at the forefront of digital art and gaming.

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