The McAfee Effect


GHOST token increases IDEX trading volume +21M USD

In mid-April 2020 John McAfee mentioned on Twitter that he was working on a new cryptocurrency. One where purchasers would be able to become a so-called “ghost”. In fact, Ghost is a copy and paste of the open-source privacy coin PIVX, according to PIVX developers.

But when John McAfee gets involved, things seem to happen. The Ghost token is up 100% since the start of the month, even though McAfee has now admitted it was a ripoff of the PIVX privacy coin.

The Ghost token has seen particular success on the decentralized exchange (DEX) IDEX.

IDEX trading volume fueled by GHOST

The total trading volume of IDEX on the 10th of June 2020 was 10M USD. 8M USD of which has been contributed by the GHOST token. With trading pair, ETH/GHOST contributing  77% of the trading volume.

Overall, Ghost is responsible for over $21 million in trading volume on decentralized exchange IDEX since the start of June.

GHOST token up 87%

The official project website contains only very sparse information about this John McAfee endorsed the project. Containing only the usual buzzwords such as ‘decentralized’ and ‘transparency’. This hasn’t affected buyer confidence at all by the looks of things.

The McAfee effect seems to be in full force.

Within just a few weeks of June, the GHOST token is already responsible for 77% of the trading volume seen on IDEX. The token itself is unlikely to last but it will be interesting to see how it develops.

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