Warner Bros to Launch The Matrix NFT Avatar Project

warner bros the matrix nft avatars

100.000 characters for $50 with upgrades happening later on

With the metaverse and virtual worlds being the talk of town, Warner Bros seized the opportunity to announce their first generative NFT avatar project based on the movie franchise The Matrix. Starting from November 30th they will sell 100.000 NFT characters for $50 each.

Warner Bros released NFTs based on their movie franchise Space Jam earlier this year, and now takes a next step with generative art. Later this month the movie company will release a series of NFTs inspired by The Matrix franchise and the upcoming film The Matrix: Resurrections. Warner Bros is not setting up the NFT collection on its own, but is working with NFT platform Nifty’s

These The Matrix NFT avatars will follow the example of other popular collections like Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, and CrypToadz. These NFTs aren’t mere collectibles, but generated at random at the moment of purchase. The algorithm taps into many traits and attributes, making sure that every generated character is unique. 

After the sale on November 30th, the team will allow NFT holders to either pick a red pill or a blue pill. This will happen on December 16th. The blue pill will keep the NFT avatar inside The Matrix, while the red pill transforms the character into a resistance fighter. In the near future they will let users upgrade their avatars or earn new NFTs. 

Hollywood is looking at NFTs as another opportunity to connect with fans. Lionsgate released an NFT collection for their Saw movie franchise on the Wax blockchain. In addition, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have created Stoner Cats, an NFT collection and animated series. 

NFT trading over $4 billion per month

The NFT space literally exploded in Q3, accumulating over $10.4 billion in trading volume during that timespan. Impressively, the space kept up the pace in October. Over $4.2 billion were traded in NFTs during the last 31 days alone, according to the Dapp Industry Report for October.

Over the past 30 days the top 10 NFT avatar projects have generated more than $741 million in NFT trading volume according to our data. CryptoPunks was responsible for $135.7 million, only surpassed by MekaVerse with $151.74 million. Bored Ape Yacht Club has also been making headlines in the past month, and comes in third place with $89 million in NFT trading. 

We’re now seeing NFT avatars moving beyond the concept of a profile picture, as many projects embrace the idea of offering 3D avatars. The NFT owners can can then use these in virtual environments, ranging from Somnium Space to VR Chat. Whether the avatars from The Matrix will also allow integration into virtual worlds remains to be seen. They did not announce such plans yet.

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