The Latest NFT Innovations on Harmony See Traffic Increase

The Latest NFT Innovations on Harmony See Traffic Increase
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MAD NFT, Zonulet, and Moon Robots are trending on Harmony

Harmony’s NFT ecosystem has recently expanded with new developments bringing a lot of buzz to the blockchain. Notably, these NFT projects boast unique value propositions and enrich the user experience on Harmony with various new utilities. Read on to learn about some of the most exciting projects.


Despite the market volatility of cryptocurrency this year, we see innovation in the NFT space continue. Instead of just hype for speculation’s sake, more NFT projects focus on delivering a user-centric experience and practical utilities. 

In addition, users are moving beyond Ethereum to a broader Web3 ecosystem in search of NFT Projects that attract them. Those with compelling storytelling and unique value proposition are gaining traction with users. Today, we will introduce a few NFT-powered projects on the Harmony network that have recently caught users’ attention.

MAD NFT – the world’s first social NFT marketplace

MAD NFT is a project focused on exploring Web3 social networking and NFT use cases. By providing fans, artists, celebrities, and opinion leaders with a multifunctional platform powered by NFT, MAD allows users to connect in a transparent, decentralized, and highly creative space.

MAD NFT offers a complete suite of tools for anyone to create eco-friendly content powered by NFT technology and curate a one-of-a-kind user experience. It is also a marketplace. Users can discover, view, and collect their favorite NFT collectibles there, and this is just the beginning of the MAD NFT user journey.

Artists and creators can leverage MAD NFT to create genuine community engagement through rankings, social engagement, and impact through creative campaigns. Don’t worry if you are a first-time NFT creator. MAD has an Academy that provides a step-by-step introduction for creators to get familiar with the MAD platform. A new Artist can complete the Academy and go from zero knowledge to native Web3 in a few lessons. 

On top of everything else, MAD NFT is on its way to becoming an all-encompassing metaverse, enabling a different way for any Web3 participant to create, connect and socialize.

Zonulet – an emerging NFT marketplace 

Zonulet is a decentralized marketplace that utilizes IPFS and Filecoin technology to store users’ NFTs files and adopts Harmony (ONE) Blockchain to power every transaction. The marketplace has witnessed an over 500% growth in unique active wallets (UAW) over the last 30 days, with transactions increasing by 53%.

Nifty Nafty

Here’s a closer look at some of the noteworthy NFT projects on this platform.

Nifty Nafty is the hand-painted series NFT. These fluffy rabbits are not cute dolls; they are hunters in the galaxy, waiting for their collectors to join them on an incredible journey. According to the project’s roadmap, holders can get a sneak peek at the project’s comics, access to other drops in the ecosystem, discounts, and more.

Legends of Venari

Legends of Venari is an innovative blockchain game with fantastic visual elements and exploratory role-playing gameplay. In Legends of Venari, players can lure, tame, and collect Venari creatures as they compete for territory and rare resources in a player-driven sandbox.

Moon Robots – a highly-anticipated DeFi-powered Strategy/RPG

The long-awaited Lunar Robots game will go live in the next few hours. This game has proven its popularity with rising on-chain metrics. Over the last 30 days, Moon Robots has witnessed a 256% rise in transactions and an almost 100% increase in unique wallets.

Moon Robots Harmony NFT
Moon Land Harmony NFT

Key components of the game include Robot Hero NFTs, Moon Land NFTs, Item NFTs, and OIL tokens. The game is web-based and customized for a smooth desktop and mobile user experience. Players can use their Robots and Lands to earn OIL and trade these tokens for any other crypto on the Harmony blockchain.

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