The End of an Era for Axie Infinity: Season 21 is Live

The End of an Era for Axie Infinity: Season 21 is Live
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This will be the final Axie Infinity: Classic season lasting until June 24th

With the launch of Axie Infinity: Origin, Sky Mavis has transferred its efforts to the new gameplay. In order to do that fully, the studio has launched the last official season of the Axie Infinity: Classic mode. Season 21 brings more rewards to the top-ranking players, however, the community is not too happy with this. 


Axie Infinity Season 21

With the launch of its last official Classic season, the Sky Mavis team has introduced a special rewards scheme. The 300,000 top-ranking players at the end of this season will bag a total of 130,171 AXS tokens with an approximate value of just over $5.8 million. 

According to the official announcement, Axie Infinity Season 21 will introduce significant reward boosts for the top 10 players on the leaderboard. Check out the comparative breakdown below, showing how much prizes will increase for all tiers of the leaderboard.

While this is good news for top-ranked players, the Axie community did not accept the announcement wholeheartedly. Some players voiced concerns that Season 21 won’t bring any improvements regarding SLP burning mechanisms and the token’s falling valuation. 

Community dissatisfaction over SLP price dropping

While Sky Mavis boasts а rewards boost for top performers in Season 21, the average player seems to be left out. Many players expected the last season of the Classic Axie game to bring new utility mechanisms for SLP. Unfortunately, the price of the in-game token has been on a downward trend for weeks now. 

Taking a look at SLP with the DappRadar Token Explorer shows that in the past thirty days, SLP lost over 30% of its value. At the time of writing the token is worth about $0.014. 

SLP is the main token players earn in the Adventure mode of the game. Playing Adventure mode is not tied to the leaderboard rankings. This makes it the more accessible way to take advantage of the play-to-earn mechanics on Axie Infinity, even if your NFT characters are not the most powerful. 

Unfortunately, the falling price of the token has discouraged many players in the community. The overall sentiment is that Sky Mavis needs to introduce more utility for SLP, otherwise many players will quit the game. Axie community members are calling out to the game’s founder Jihoz to listen to their requests. 

The lack of updates regarding SLP burning during Season 21 has sparked a wave of dissatisfaction on Twitter. The official announcement has attracted more than 200 comments already, most of them pointing out the disappointing focus on top-grossing players, rather than the player community as a whole. 

What does Axie Infinity: Origin bring to the table?

Currently, Sky Mavis is putting all of its efforts towards tweaking and polishing its newly released Origin gameplay. Many players are questioning whether the new gaming mode will bring more faucets for SLP burning, and a potential price increase. 

For the moment, this does not seem to be the case. One of the biggest accusations against Sky Mavis is that it puts too much focus on top performers. The team is boosting earnings for top players, while the average scholar is losing value because of the dropping price of SLP. 

While Axie Infinity: Origins is still under development, some preliminary mechanics have been revealed. The new release also seems to put an emphasis on ranking and leaderboards more than on SLP burning mechanics. Still, one of the new mechanics, Ronin Spirit, will have a direct effect on the amount of SLP players earn during battles. You can find out more about the earning potential on Axie Infinity: Origin here

Despite the novelty factor and the hype surrounding the upcoming land gameplay release, Axie Infinity seems to be going through a rough patch, especially following the Ronin bridge hack from earlier this year. The community has voiced its concerns, now it’s up to Sky Mavis to address them.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Axie Infinity ecosystem as the classic version of the game comes to an end. Origins has the potential to bring a new spark of enthusiasm among the community, as it’s still in its early stages of development. To follow all activity regarding Axie Infinity, check out the links below. Turn on your DappRadar Twitter notifications to get the latest updates first. 

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