Texas Hold’em Lockdown Poker Competition with Play Royal

Play Royal

Play Royal’s lockdown poker has begun – April 12th – 26th

Play Royal is launching a redesigned, mobile-friendly version of their popular Texas Hold’em platform, featuring ETH and BTC tables. To celebrate this update and to help ‘flatten the curve’ and fight the boredom of quarantine.

Play Royal will be running a ‘Lockdown Poker‘ competition from 8 pm UTC on the 12th April until 8 pm UTC on the 26th April with thousands in prizes up for grabs. The prizes below will be split between the top 10 poker players by volume over the two-week period:

DASH: https://trondash.com/ 10,000

TGC: http://trongamecenter.org/ 15,000

IGN: https://www.ignitecurrency.com/ 2,000,000

ECOECTRON: https://ecoearthcoin.com/ 500,000,000

PYROTRON: https://pyro.network/ 2,000,000

GEN: https://t.me/Genesis_en 2,000,000

DFS: https://www.digitalfantasysports.com/ 500

DSE: https://www.dappstats.com/ 5,000

DMX: https://t.me/MOONMarketingfirm 5,000,000

BSOV: https://bsov.io/ 1,000

BTT: 300,000

PLAY: 5,000,000

To join the fun and be in with a chance to win all these prizes sign up here. For more information on poker at Play Royal click here.

How do I find a poker game on Play Royal?

Play Royal’s poker can be found here: https://playroyal.com/games/poker/. Once loaded you’ll notice a large range of tables with different table names. Let’s go over what these table names mean.

Table Colours (Currency): As you scroll down, you’ll see red tables and teal colored tables, these denote the currency playable on each table with red being TRX and teal being PLAY, Play Royal’s inhouse token.

NL vs FL (No Limit vs Fixed Limit): All table names start with either NL or FL, these stand for No Limit or Fixed Limit. Fixed Limit tables don’t have the option to raise or bet certain amounts, but instead, you bet a fixed amount every time. On a No-Limit table you simply choose how much you wish to bet or raise.

Player Numbers (6P & HU): Simple; with 6D the table fits a maximum of 6 players as opposed to the standard number of 10 players and HU is a head to head with a maximum of 2 players.

Fast (Game Timer): Each player has a certain amount of time to complete an action or they auto-fold. These ‘Fast’ tables have a smaller timer (15 secs as opposed to 30 secs) so that players are forced to action their hands quickly, creating a potentially faster poker experience.

Stakes: The table stake type denotes firstly the big and little blind betting amounts (the amount you have to pay in order to play), but also the minimum bet on that table. Play Royal has Micro, Low, Medium, High Stake and High Stake+ tables, that range from 10 TRX to 3,200TRX min-bet.

How to play Texas Hold’em Poker

For those not familiar with Texas Hold’em. Two cards are dealt to each player pre-flop, and then five shared cards are dealt in three stages. The first stage is “the flop” where the first three shared cards are dealt, next “the turn” card is dealt, and then finally “the river”., with betting rounds after each deal, and final betting after “the river” card is dealt. Each player is looking for the best five-card poker hand from any combination of the seven cards available to them.

play royal
Cheatsheet courtesy of https://www.cardschat.com/poker-hands/

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