Talking blockchain games with HyperSnakes

DappRadar speaks exclusively to YiYi He, Co-founder, HyperSnakes.

DappRadar currently tracks decentralized app game HyperSnakes across Ethereum, Ontology, and Tron.

As one of the top decentralized games regularly achieving over 500 daily active users. HyperSnakes was also highlighted in our recent dapp game retention report as, at times, retaining 75% of its audience. DappRadar spoke to YiYi Me, Co-founder of HyperSnakes.

Can you tell us about your project, what motivated you to create HyperSnakes? 

Launched in the Spring of 2019 on Ethereum, Ontology, and Tron. HyperSnakes is one of the first real-time multiplayer competitive games on the blockchain. The game features core snake gameplay and introduces many features such as Snake King mode, battle royal matches, random weapons, and power-up spawning. 

The primary goal of HyperSnakes is to offer straightforward gameplay, utilize blockchain technology, and ultimately drive mass adoption of blockchain games.

Many platforms with significant traffic highly value HyperSnakes and would like to work with us because this game can intuitively teach non-crypto users about blockchain games. 

Also, HyperSnakes addresses the stereotype that blockchain games are mainly simple gambling games. To reach the ultimate goal of mass adoption, we have much work to do, and we are putting in a lot of effort to make HyperSnakes even better.

Fast, fun and easy to play

What protocols are you using?

HyperSnakes launched on Ontology, Ethereum, and Tron respectively and is empowered by the Rocket Protocol Layer-2 Solution. Rocket Protocol is integrated with major public chains, which saved time when integrating with public chains individually. 

Public chains cannot support the swift transactions per second that HyperSnakes requires. Layer-2 technology solves the problem by having game interaction in that layer. Core results are uploaded back to the public chains.

Major advantages of utilizing Rocket Protocol include: 

  1. Rocket Protocol supports any public chain with smart contracts and SDK features.
  2. Processes frequent transactions into consensus data, and then data is securely uploaded onto the blockchain.
  3. Guarantees a decentralized and swift blockchain gaming experience parallel to mainstream games.
  4. It allows game developers to focus on development and use the programing language they are familiar with. Rather than adhere to the public chain coding language.

However, since much in-game interaction happens in the Layer-2, data disclosure is the next step for Layer-2 solutions in the future. A browser like Etherscan is necessary.

Also, Layer-2 solutions should work with statistics platforms like DappRadar to improve the disclosure of data in the second layer. 

HyperSnakes has achieved daily active users ranging from 600-1000 in the second layer. And we are now working hard to educate and allow the public disclosure of its data.

How are you planning to support HyperSnakes over the next 12 months?

The motivation of HyperSnakes is mass adoption; we will keep up with this goal and keep improving. Recently, MixMarvel announced its partnership with Ant Financial Openchain, which is the blockchain arm of the Ant Financial Group. Home to the renowned product – Alipay

The collaboration will help HyperSnakes gain a larger volume of traffic. From the product end, we are adding more elements and gameplay to retain users. Players can receive coupons while playing and redeem items from merchants within the Alipay application with the coupons they have accumulated.  

If HyperSnakes can convert a large percentage of traffic from Ant Financial Openchain then we will be getting closer to the goal of mass adoption.

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