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DappRadar speaks exclusively to Alex Fedd, CMO, 0xGames.

DappRadar currently tracks decentralized app game developer 0xGames across multiple blockchains. As one of the top decentralized games, regularly achieving over 600 daily active users. DappRadar spoke to Alex Fedd, CMO, 0xGames.

Can you tell us about your projects and what motivates you as a company

Creating 0xUniverse – our flagship project – was first and foremost inspired by two things: CryptoKitties’ success and our love for space games! Our team also wanted to improve some game design concepts CK had and expand on what they had built. Our CEO Sergey Kopov, for the record, is a fan of the EVE game concept so there is that factor as well. 

We wanted to create a great and beautiful game with a solid narrative and interesting social and economic mechanics. That is as far as 0xUniverse goes. The idea to create 0xWarriors came after some of our developers won the “Best Remotely Developed Game” award. 

We saw potential and had some nice ideas for the competitive mechanisms that we implemented afterward. And 0xRacers, that is what more than half our team is also passionate about – cool cars, especially on blockchain.

For instance, the lead developer Yuri Saveliev is a very experienced frontend engineer who had a lot of ideas from his past game dev experience. 


Also, Den Trufanov, our art lead, influenced the current look of the NFTs you can now see in 0xRacers. Both of them were, by the way, engaged in the development of Road Smash (a game that was played by over 10 million people).

All in all, passion for cars and blockchain as well as great development expertise led to the appearance of 0xRacers.

What protocol are you using and why?

We use different blockchains in our games. 0xUniverse uses Ethereum as it was then, basically, the only option for us when its development started. The drawbacks are known: the primary one with Ethereum is its scalability.

Transactions aren’t as fast as some people would like them to be. At the same time, it still it is a great chain that enjoys popularity. We’ve also tried NEO, TRON, and EOSIO, they have some differences but each one is good in its own way.

How are you planning to develop/support the dapp over the next 12 months?

We have great plans for the 0xUniverse. Just recently we launched a major update – buildings on planets. And we plan to introduce new functional buildings. Moreover, there is a big “Expansion Beyond” update coming up that will let you reach a new galaxy. 

And of course, it will have new legendary planets continuing the storyline of the game (a much-anticipated thing!). Besides, we plan to add the Wars of Corporations. That one will allow players that are in corporations (social structures) to wage wars and fight for control.


How do you see the dapp ecosystem developing in 2020, is this the year of mass adoption?

A bit hard to predict. We believe there still needs to be fewer restrictions in terms of financial regulations as well as more educational work done to get non-crypto users in.

So 2020 should see more adoption but maybe not mass adoption. Although if that should happen – the blockchain market will only win from that.

Finally, as a success story in the space do you have any advice for dapp developers and startups trying to break into the ecosystem?

It is very important to build trust in this area. Trust with the community, be it your project’s community or the crypto one in general. But there is no secret recipe. We can admit, though, that it is good practice for startups to try and follow the “lean startup” methodology.

So when you are just starting out test your hypotheses first to know which direction your team’s resources should go to.

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