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TACO Token
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Buy NFT packs and claim TACO

The Wax blockchain ecosystem has received a welcome booster in the shape of Taco, a new iOS and Android application designed to reward Wax community members for everyday actions. The Wax community has responded, and Taco has seen just over 17,000 unique active wallets interact with its smart contracts in the last 7 days. Representing a 144% increase week over week.

What is TACO? 

The application offers users three core functions all designed to make it easier to keep track of, and control Wax blockchain NFT and token assets. In essence, it’s the first Wax focussed application offering Wax token swapping, tracking, and transfers. Furthermore, users are invited to check out Taco’s exclusive NFTs that promise to unlock special utility tools inside the App and improve the WAX gaming experience. To this end, the website currently only mentions that a TACO token could suddenly appear. 

However, further research on the platform’s Telegram channel which already has 934 members. Revealed that the surge in users was caused by the release of a token scheduled for Monday 12th July. 

Moreover, It appears the token drop has been executed via an NFT purchase available on the leading Wax marketplace Atomic Hub. Which then needed to be unpacked using NeftyBlocks. As an effect of this, we have seen a sharp increase in NeftyBlocks activity

To reveal TACO tokens users needed to buy packs with varied ingredients, or qualities that would reward them more TACO. Three packs are available ranging from 60 WAX, about $11 up to 540 WAX or about $70. Vitally, to redeem the NFTs users need to download the Taco app and interact to redeem their tokens or perhaps move them on. Judging from the 7-day metrics observed for Taco the campaign has worked well.

The whale pack contains 30 ‘Taco ingredients’ which can be traded for TACO tokens inside the Taco mobile app. At the time of writing, approximately half of the two cheaper tiered NFTs are still available and just 36 of 200 whale packs are left.

Wax making moves 

As a long-time admirer of the Wax blockchain’s work in the NFT space, it is great to see the ecosystem now fully start to emerge and serve its users. Recently we reported on CAIT. The first yield farming DeFi platform on the Wax blockchain is starting to show real signs of adoption as active users grew by over 700% week over week. The Collective Artistic Investing Token, otherwise known as CAIT, is a native WAX blockchain token that allows holders to have partial ownership of community-held NFT art collections. TACO is now the second such initiative to be welcomed on Wax. 

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