SupDucks Off to Flying Start as Possible Hit NFT Collection


The collection gained $1.63 million in volume in 24h

SupDucks, an avatar-style collection of NFTs featuring hand-drawn ducks, is a surprising top performer in DappRadar’s Top NFT Collections ranking in the past 24 hours. Ranking at second place, activity from sales from the collection boosted its volume to an impressive $1.63 million.

With a little more than 1,000 unique active wallets interacting with SupDucks smart contracts, such high volume is impressive. Currently, the floor price for a SupDucks NFT is 0.23 ETH, or about $1,820 at the time of writing. 

SupDucks dominated the DappRadar Top NFT sales for the past 24 hours as well. With four sales above $75,000 each, these duck NFTs are becoming the next big hit among collectors. The most expensive SupDucks collectible sold for 50 ETH, or about $95,000 at the time of writing. 

At the moment, only Axie Infinity manages to beat the volume SupDucks attracted in the past 24 hours. Established collections like CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Art Blocks are struggling to keep up.  

Interestingly, Cool Cats, the collection that drew attention last week, is barely making the top ten for yesterday. SupDucks are becoming a new point of interest for the NFT community, with increased activity across social media channels and the collection’s smart contracts alike. 

What are SupDucks?

SupDucks NFTs are a collection of avatar-style designs of duck heads, each with its unique combination of characteristics. Each SupDuck is individually hand-drawn by artists from MegaVoltCorp. 

According to the collection’s official website, there are a total of 10,000 duck NFTs, and they have all sold out during the primary sale.

The rarity of each duck is determined by the combination of background and different skins, clothes, mouths, and eyes. In terms of variety, there are:

  • 16 backgrounds
  • 18 skins
  • 38 clothes
  • 38 hats
  • 27 mouths
  • 27 eyes

The collection also features 10 Super Ducks. 

Franky Aguilar, commonly known on social media as frankienines created SupDucks. His idea was to create an avatar-type NFT collection where all elements comprising the different characters are hand-drawn. He teamed up with MegaVaultCorp to bring SupDucks to life. 

Because of Aguilar’s successful career as an artist, SupDucks benefit from increased attention from the NFT community. Social media channels are bursting with activity surrounding the drop of duck NFTs, and subsequently, the moment all ducks sold out. 

Ducks are hatched from eggs. In essence, collectors who bought an NFT before all ducks sold out, chose what type of egg they wanted to buy, which then determined the rarity of their duck. The determining characteristics for each duck are selected from an on-chain set of traits and random numbers.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the developments of the SupDucks collection. The data for the past 24 hours is definitely a good sign. However, the more time passes, the more we’ll be able to determine whether the upwards trend is going to continue. 

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