Students Want to Become the Master: MekaVerse, Metasaurs & Tokyo Ten

Students Want to Become the Master: MekaVerse, Metasaurs & Tokyo Ten

NFT Spotlight: 3 collections on fire, to check out every week

Do you own MekaVerse, Metasaurs, or Tokyo Ten NFTs? The space is rapidly changing, with new collections popping up by the hour. However, top spots are limited, and collections like Bored Apes Yacht Club and CryptoPunks have them reserved. 

Still, new rising stars are taking the stage, in a push to reach the top. This week we’ll explore these three contenders, so read on, you might be the owner of a very valuable NFT. 


MekaVerse is a collection of 8888 generative Mekas NFTs with hundreds of elements inspired by the Japanese Mecha universes, like Gundam and even Transformers. Meka NFTs live on the Ethereum blockchain, and the mint price for one NFT was 0.2 ETH. The official mint date for MekaVerse was on October 6th but the collection has already made a splash among NFT enthusiasts. 

With close to 300.000 Discord subscribers, the MekaVerse community is among the fastest-growing in the whole NFT sector. While the collection only consists of 8888 NFTs, the community has rapidly welcomed thousands. One of the biggest drivers for this is the somewhat grandiose roadmap the MekaVerse team has ahead of them.

According to the official website, Meka NFTs are only the start. The team plans to create an immersive experience combining 2D and 3D representations of the Mekas. Additionally, there’s a plan to have physical figures for each of the 8888 MekaVerse NFTs. Bringing back memories of Transformers, Meka NFTs are on their way to create a brand new franchise. 

The team aims to push Meka designs across multiple types of creative mediums, from music and movies to physical merchandise, clothes, and other branded items. Considering the extensive reach of the collection so far, the team is on the right track. At the time of writing, the floor price for a MekaNFT has jumped to 3.5 ETH, a steep increase from the mint price owners had to pay. 

Unfortunately, MekaVerse’s success is somewhat overshadowed by several controversies. The team behind the collection decided to use a raffle/airdrop mechanism for the mint, in order to prevent the infamous ‘gas wars’. However, some wallet owners managed to cheat the system with bots and receive multiple NFTs, according to this on-chain analysis. Additionally, exploring the Meka NFT token contract reveals that the creators have the right to assign tokens to wallets, effectively allowing the devs to snoop around for rare Mekas and assign them to priority wallets. 

Despite the controversy, MekaVerse NFTs are steadily holding their ground and pushing to become the next big hit collection in the space. So far, things are looking bright for them, even with some challenges at the start. 


Metasaurs by Dr. DMT

Metasaurs is an interesting new project, created by Bored Ape Yacht Club co-creator Dr. DMT. This is a collection of 9,999 unique, genetically engineered Metasaurs NFTs. Each NFT represents the now-extinct dinosaur kingdom. Metasaurs are highly influenced by BAYC, carrying some of the designs and traits of the ape collection. Interestingly, when Dr. DMT chose to continue with a side project, he did not forget his BAYC buddies. To recognize the importance of the Bored Ape Yacht Club he added a special whitelist for the mint exclusively for BAYC holders. 

Considering the affiliation with Bored Apes Yacht Club, it is no surprise Metasaurs is on its way to forming one of the largest communities in the NFT space. With more than 200.000 Discord members, the collection should see one of the fastest mints in NFT history. The pre-sale for whitelisted wallets was held yesterday, however, you still have a chance to participate in the public mint which goes live on Friday, October 15th at 3 PM EST. 

Metasaurs have caught the attention of the NFT community, as the pre-sale event generated upwards of 1400 ETH in trading volume. Considering this stellar start, we’re expecting to see even more impressive numbers later today. Currently, the floor price for a Metasaurs NFT is 0.63 ETH, however, as hype builds up for the public sale this probably won’t remain the case for very long. 

Considering the massive success Bored Ape Yacht Club had, a floor price of 0.63 ETH might be considered a gift. Of course, Metasaurs are not to be confused with BAYC. While Dr. DMT participated in BAYC, this is a completely separate project. However, an affiliation like this can push both the price and the community to new heights. For the moment, buying a Metasaurs NFT remains highly speculative, as there has not been an official trait reveal, and rarity percentages for each NFT remain a mystery. 

The Tokyo Ten

Last but not least we have The Tokyo Ten – a collection of 10.000 randomly generated, hand-illustrated collectible NFTs living in Cyber Tokyo 2261. These avatar-style NFTs became available last night and sold out almost instantaneously. The mint price for a Tokyo Ten NFT was 0.08 ETH. 

With upwards of 18.000 Discord members, The Tokyo Ten is rapidly expanding its community. One of the more alluring aspects of this project is the detailed backstory for the collection. According to the official website, The Tokyo Ten are the last remaining inhabitants of Cyber Tokyo in 2261. With only four cities remaining on the face of Earth, The Tokyo Ten represent humanity’s last hope for survival. 

Aside from the cool storyline, The Tokyo Ten also has an ambitious roadmap, involving numerous opportunities for community members to win rewards. With giveaways of both NFTs and ETH, The Tokyo Ten aims to create a strong bond for community members. Looking at their Discord channel, this seems to be working. Additionally, the team behind The Tokyo Ten is working on a DAO, and a governance token called TOKYO. According to their plan, the DAO should go live for Tokyo Ten NFT holders in no more than a week. 

Seeing the ambitious development plan and the serious interest from the community, The Tokyo Ten might succeed in their mission to save humanity in Cyber Tokyo. The floor price for a Tokyo Ten NFT sits at 0.07 ETH. Still, more than 105 ETH worth of NFTs have been traded in less than 24 hours. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring these collections, as they keep pushing to become the next Bored Ape Yacht Club. While there are plenty of contenders, BAYC remains the best example for a top NFT collection. Still, it’s good to see such a variety of projects aiming to bring the best possible experience to their communities. 

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