Striking anime RPG Infinity Star kicks off pre-sale prior to open beta

Own, craft, level and trade

If you want to create a successful blockchain game based around the ownership and trading of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), those NFTs have to have value — both tangible and intangible.

That’s the focus of South Korean developer NodeBrick’s latest title Infinitystar(EN).

It’s an Ethereum-based idle/grind RPG featuring striking anime character design, and an extensive item crafting and levelling system: both elements also come with a color customization system.

Launching into open beta testing on PC and mobile in late September, a pre-sale for high value items — including character costumes, loot boxes and gearing material — has kicked off today (26 August).

“We strive to build games that are not only fun but also align with the economic incentives that the blockchain provides,” said NodeBrick CEO Huey Shin.

Infinity Star is a testament to that and we intend on putting more amazing gameplay depth, content and updates to this games and can’t wait to show the community what we have for them in the weeks to come.”

You can find out more about the game and check out the pre-sale — and also pre-regsister (MetaMask wallet required) — via

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