Streamr Network Set to Solve Real-World Problems

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Developers to use real-time data in dapps at Swiss Blockchain Hackathon

Streamr, the real-time decentralized data network, has launched a new website and is partnering with #SBHACK21 in order to develop new, exciting blockchain-based ideas into full products. Building with Streamr, decentralized applications can use real-time data to contribute to the onset of Web 3.0. Demand for real-time data in dapps is growing fast.

The network element of Streamr is the core of its offering, providing real-time data streams to developers and web3 applications. In the Streamr Network, the data is published to individual streams which other users can subscribe to for free or for a fee. A stream is the sequential data points and represents the core unit of the Network. There is virtually no limit on the kind, format, or quantity of data you can feed into Streamr, even digital images, streaming video, or other domain-specific data could be pushed into a stream. 

The Streamr Network uses nodes to keep its network running, and anybody can join. In addition, every dapp on the network will also function as a light node, making the network very scalable. Everybody can install a Streamr Broker node.The third version of the Brubeck Testnet went live on Tuesday, October 12th, with over 80,000 nodes connected. Every participant earns DATA tokens, and this testnet ends on October 19th. Those interested in running a node should join the Streamr community on Discord. There are channels to help you out, such as #testnet-faq and #testnet-troubleshooting. 

An example of those light nodes would be the bikes from Pave, one of the latest partners of the Streamr Network. Pave is an e-scooter and mobility startup that connects its bikes to Streamr. This will allow users to rent their bikes to each other, monetize mobility data, and earn yield on ride-sharing profits. Users with the app installed and an NFT in their wallet, gain access to the bike through Bluetooth. Every Pave bike is a node in the Streamr network, and because Pave is a Data Union crowdsourced mobility datasets can be sold on the Streamr marketplace, with revenue shared between all contributing riders.

Using Streamr for dapp development

At the #SBHACK21, over 500 developers will come together and solve real-world business challenges using a variety of blockchain protocols. Streamr is one of the sponsors at the event. Developers are challenged to solve problems involving payment gateways, supply chains, sustainability, self-sovereign identities and blockchain-powered reward systems. 

The applications using Streamr data can be very varied, ranging from push notifications to systems that act based on the received data. This received data can come from a single source, or combine data from many sources through a Data Union. Pave has its own Data Union, combining data from all bikes. Another example would be Swash, which collects browsing data. Demand for such data packages is increasing, and recently Swash received $4 million in funding from Kucoin, Outlier Ventures and Streamr. 

Streamr offers plenty of opportunities for developers to build great applications. Think about social media applications using .eth addresses as user identities, but also tracing software for bird migrations. Streamr allows developers to connect dapps to real-time data, and developers who have a great idea should sign up for the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon starting from October 15th.

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