Steve Aoki Went on a Shopping Spree Despite Bearish Market Trends

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The DJ and musician bought 2 Azuki NFTs and numerous Tripsters NFTs in the past week

Steve Aoki is one of the most active celebrity NFT collectors, and it seems the bearish trends the market is witnessing are not stopping him. In the past seven days, the DJ acquired two Azuki NFTs for a total of around 40 ETH. 


Azuki and Tripsters on the Steve Aoki radar

Steve Aoki has been an NFT collector for a little over a year now, judging by his OpenSea profile. In that time he has actively participated in a number of NFT communities becoming a well-known entity in the crypto space.

In the past seven days, the DJ has been on a purchasing spree, despite the overall negative sentiment the crypto market is experiencing. While ETH prices are dropping, Steve Aoki purchased a total of 45 Aokiverse Credits, 2 Azuki NFTs, 18 Tripsters NFTs, and 8 Something Tokens

These 73 new additions to his portfolio cost the DJ a total of around 66.8 ETH, which is currently valued at $160,288. That’s a substantial amount of money to spend in the span of only seven days, especially when the market is experiencing volatility.

The most expensive purchases during this shopping spree were the two Azuki NFTs. Azuki #8245 cost the DJ 23.9 ETH, while Azuki #7645 cost him 16.9 ETH. It’s important to note that these purchases took place before the recent shocking news about the Azuki founder leaked. Steve Aoki also spent about 4.6 ETH on Tripsters NFTs and around 3.2 ETH on Something Token NFTs. Impressively, the music producer did not shy away from investing in his own venture, spending over 19 ETH on A0K1VERSE Credits. 

What are A0K1VERSE Credits?

A0K1VERSE Credits are the entry point to the Steve Aoki web3 experience. According to the official website, these credits will allow holders to get passport NFTs bringing them a wide range of benefits and utility. 

The A0K1VERSE is still under development, however, the credit NFTs dropped in February this year. Importantly, in order to level up their passports and get even more perks, holders will need to purchase more credits. The top-level passport requires 1024 credits for the upgrade, which translates to about 91 ETH at the floor price. That’s $216,986, or a floor-priced Bored Ape. While the Prizm level passport might be expensive, it gives the holder the right to record a song with Steve Aoki which will be distributed through the DJ’s music streaming profiles.

While there haven’t been any official updates for the Aokiverse project in a while, the shopping spree Steve Aoki went on might be interpreted as a signal from the founder. He currently holds a total of 26 A0K1VERSE Credits. If you want to learn more about the Aokiverse and the different tiers of passports, check out the official website. 

Steve Aoki stores value in BAYC NFTs

While the crypto and NFT markets have both seen better days, it looks like Steve Aoki is unfazed by the bearish conditions we’re experiencing. A quick check of his portfolio with the handy NFT Financial View offers a possible explanation.

Steve Aoki spent over 66 ETH in a single week, purchasing NFTs from numerous collections against the backdrop of falling prices and general anxiety in the space. One of the reasons behind this might be the fact that his BAYC and MAYC holdings are serious profit churners for the DJ. This brings him a level of investment security allowing him to go on shopping sprees regardless of the current market conditions. 

At the time of writing, Steve Aoki holds 8 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs and 11 Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs. The total purchase price he paid for these is 283.65 ETH, or $907,154 at the time of the purchases. Currently, these NFTs are worth a total of 659.41 ETH at floor price value. This translates to over $1.5 million, or about $600,000 in profit if he sells everything now. 

Steve Aoki

With a solid profit opportunity in his portfolio, Aoki sure looks confident enough despite the bearish trends. Another important thing to note is that a bear market is a perfect opportunity to purchase ETH cheaply and acquire NFTs with a discount if holders have not updated their asking prices accordingly. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring Steve Aoki’s NFT journey as he solidifies his position as one of the most active celebrity collectors out there. If you want to deep dive into his portfolio, you can check it out here thanks to the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter to get the latest scoops from the NFT space. 

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