Steve Aoki Turns Into a Wicked Craniums Whale

Steve Aoki Turns Into a Wicked Craniums Whale

The DJ bought numerous floor priced NFTs from the collection

World-famous DJ and avid NFT collector Steve Aoki has added a variety of Wicked Cranium NFTs to his collection, making his portfolio worth more than $3 million. The DJ’s latest move was to purchase five Wicked Craniums NFTs effectively sweeping the floor price. Since his purchases, the average price for a Wicked Craniums NFT has jumped to 0.6 ETH, or about $2000. 

The Wicked Craniums is an avatar-style collection consisting of 10,762 NFTs. The Craniums dropped on 20th June and sold out in 32 minutes. Since then the collection has been finding more traction and building a strong community. With numerous collaborations and side projects connected to the collection, Wicked Cranium holders are benefiting from a lot of utility. 

While the collection has had a great development path so far, a celebrity endorsement is always a good push for activity. In the past 24 hours, The Wicked Craniums saw 37% more sales and 40% more users. This is not surprising as the news of Steve Aoki’s purchase is already circulating on social media. 

Additionally, with a celebrity endorsement like this one, the collection is bound to reach new heights. Interestingly, a quick dive into our celebrity wallets list shows that Jay Z, LaMello Ball, and Joel Madden all have Wicked Craniums NFTs in their wallets.

Steve Aoki’s portfolio is growing

In the past 24 hours alone, Steve Aoki’s portfolio saw more than 30 new NFTs. Interestingly, a significant percentage of these are actually gifts. However, Aoki also minted 5 Choad NFTs, two Lonely Frog Lambo Club NFTs, and a Serial Killer one. 

At the time of writing, Steve Aoki has over 530 NFTs from various collections worth more than $3 million. Most significantly, Aoki holds 21 The Doge Pound NFTs and 62 Crypto Pixel Pets. In terms of big-time collections, the DJ has 2 CryptoPunks and 5 Bored Apes

Aoki only owns the 5 Wicked Craniums NFTs he just purchased. However, as time passes and the collection grows more popular, this might turn into a profitable investment. Considering the fact that Wicked Craniums is only a couple of months old, the future is bright.

DappRadar will continue to monitor both Steve Aoki and The Wicked Craniums collection. You can explore further if you click on the links below. Find new celebrity wallets to track, or see how Wicked Craniums has been performing over time. 

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