Steve Aoki Buys Eighth BAYC for $310,000

Steve Aoki Buys Eighth BAYC for $310,000
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Bored Ape #9309 now stored in the SteveAoki x The Untamed Vault

DJ Steve Aoki continues to build up his Bored Ape Yacht Club collection with the recent purchase of Bored Ape #9309. This is the musician’s eighth BAYC NFT, as he purchased it for 81.23 ETH or about $310.000 at the time of writing. 

Bored Ape #9309 now resides in the recently created collaborative vault between Steve Aoki and The Untamed. Тhe vault already holds a rather enviable collection of NFTs including one more BAYC, a CryptoPunk, 3 Doodles NFTs, and 3 CloneX avatar NFTs. 

Currently, Bored Ape #9309 has the highest estimated value among all other NFTs in the vault, according to the DappRadar Value Estimator tool. Following closely are the only CryptoPunk in the vault, with an estimated value of $235.237, and the second BAYC NFT in the vault. 

Steve Aoki x The Untamed

The collaboration between Steve Aoki and The Untamed aims to create a vault filled with blue-chip NFTs in order to support these collections and the artists behind them. Additionally, the team is looking to work on offsetting the carbon footprint of their collection by actively purchasing carbon credits linked to the vault address. 

The Untamed is a popular Chinese murder mystery drama, which will soon get its very own mobile game. One of the main goals of creating this vault is to also bring The Untamed fans one step closer to the world of blockchain technology and the metaverse. According to Luffy Huang who is the Senior VP of The Untamed creators NSMG, the ultimate goal for the TV series is to become a metaverse of its own. 

Another important goal for the Steve Aoki x The Untamed vault is to support budding artists through collaborations. For the moment, there have not been any collab announcements. However, The Untamed has a huge following, especially in Asia, which can be beneficial for rising NFT creators. 

If you want to check out all NFTs currently part of the vault you can do that with the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker here. DappRadar will continue monitoring Steve Aoki as he pushes to grow both his personal collection and the collaborative vault. To learn the latest NFT news and get access to the most up-to-date on-chain NFT data, check out DappRadar PRO

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