Steve Aoki Became the Number 1 Celebrity NFT Collector

Steve Aoki Became the Number 1 Celebrity NFT Collector

Bill Murray and Zach Hyman made the biggest jump in the charts

Music artist Steve Aoki has overtaken Snoop Dogg as the number 1 NFT collector with the most valuable portfolio. Despite losing approximately $1.2 million in value in the past 2 months, Aoki’s $5.1 million wallet claims the top spot before Snoop and Gary Vee. 

DappRadar updates the Celebrity Wallet Rich List regularly, and the latest update has shown some changes in the chart. Aside from Steve Aoki becoming the new NFT king in town, we’ve seen hockey player Zach Hyman rise seven places to the fourth spot. 

Hyman increased the value of his portfolio from  more than $836,000 to $1,460,000. This makes the Canadian hockey player the biggest winner in the charts regarding  increased portfolio value. He added two Bored Apes and two Otherdeeds to his collection, which heavily impacted the valuation.

Bill Murray is now a serious NFT collector

Dropping crypto prices have impacted the valuation of the celebrity portfolios a lot. Most of them have seen their value drop, but Hyman has been busy adding value. We see the same with boxing legend Mike Tyson, who doubled his portfolio value from $16,000 to $33,000 over the past 2 months. But that’s nothing compared to the move Bill Murray made. 

Legendary ghostbuster Bill Murray bought a CryptoPunk when he entered the scene, only to drop his own NFT collection shortly after. His initial wallet now only has $200 value, but Murray didn’t leave. He moved all his collectibles to a new wallet and went on an acquisition spree, boosting his wallet valuation to more than $601,000. 

Murray’s new wallet contains two membership passes for LinksDAO, showing his passion for golf and innovation. However, the American actor also owns a Hashmask, a Cool Cat, Pudgy Penguin , two Deadfellaz, two Boss Beauties, a The Currency artwork by Damien Hirst and of course Punk #5530.

Follow your favorite celebrities 

Everybody can make an account on DappRadar and connect their wallet. Using the Portfolio Tracker you can then get an estimated valuation of your NFT collection, token holdings and DeFi positions combined. 

However, you can also track other wallets. This will allow you to follow the collection of celebrities like Bill Murray, Steve Aoki and Snoop Dogg. 

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  2. Wallet Management will pop up
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