Steem vs Hive: DappRadar’s watching what happens next

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Steem & Hive protocol tracking is now live!

Although Ethereum is generally recognized as the blockchain with the largest number of developers and active dapps, Steem remains home to some of the most trafficked dapps. 

Of course, Steemit – the original blogging dapp – continues to rank highly in terms of daily activity. Indeed, Steem has more successful social dapps than any other blockchain. 

In addition, Splinterlands (previously called Steemmonsters) is one of the blockchain games with the most daily active unique wallets. 

One of the main reasons for this continued popularity is the simpler user onboarding process Steemit uses compared to the wallet creation flow of Ethereum, TRON, EOS, etc. Using a dapp on Steem is much more like using a traditional web app than dapps on other blockchains. In the world of blockchains, such accessibility is a rare feature. 

But not all is well in the world of Steem. 

TRON Foundation boss Justin Sun’s recent acquisition of Steemit (and its associated tokens) as part of his masterplan to boost the TRON blockchain and its TRX cryptocurrency, was characterized by many as an unwanted and hostile takeover.

It resulted in some members of the Steem community hard forking Steem’s code (excluding Steemit’s tokens of course) and creating the Hive blockchain, run by a new set of witnesses (or block producers), also with its own quickly growing dapp ecosystem. 

DappRadar adds Steem & Hive tracking

This is the situation as DappRadar rolls out its dapp tracking technology for both the Steem and Hive blockchains.

Certainly, the coming weeks and months will be a fascinating opportunity to see how these two now divided communities build out their very different visions of the future. 

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