StarkNet Best Dapps Overview and How to Get Started

StarkNet Best Dapps Overview and How to Get Started
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Dive into this permissionless Layer-2 ecosystem built on top of Ethereum

In this overview, we will take a look at the best dapps on StarkNet, a promising Layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. Even though the ecosystem is still young, it’s thriving with energy as developers flock to deploy dapps and users to get strarted with StarkNet. 

The current hype surrounding StarkNet can’t be seen separately from the potential STRK token airdrop, which could be scheduled for late 2023. Supposedly being active early within the StarkNet ecosystem will allow users and developers to be eligible for an airdrop. In this guide we will take a look at some of the basics, to help you get started in using the best dapps in the StarkNet ecosystem. 


What is the best wallet for StarkNet?

There are various wallets available for StarkNet, this includes Argent, Bitkeep and Braavos. All these wallets are available for mobile devices and as a browser plugin as well. These wallets give users full custody over their assets, generating a public and a private key. 

How to bridge ETH or other crypto tokens from Ethereum to StarkNet?

StarkNet has built its own bridge, called StarkGate. This bridge allows users to bridge ETH, WBTC, USDT, USDC and DAI from Ethereum to StarkNet. In addition StarkGate supports bridging tokens from Polygon, Optimism and Arbitrum to StarkNet. Furthermore, StarkGate allows users to directly purchase crypto through credit card payments or the use of centralized exchanges such as Coinbase and Huobi. 

In addition, it’s worth noting that there are other bridges as well. For example, Orbiter Finance offers its own bridging service. 

What is the native token of StarkNet?

With STRK, the StarkNet ecosystem has its own token. It was deployed on the Ethereum mainnet in late 2022. However, these tokens aren’t avaible for trading yet. The StarkNet Foundation still contemplates on a mechanism to distrbute the tokens, hence the increased acitivty on StarkNet. By increasing their activity on StarkNet, airdrop hunters increase the chance of receiving tokens for their early participation in the StarkNet ecosystem. Right now, the tokens are with the Foundation, the network builders, early supporting developers and shareholders. 

Why do you need this token?

Token holders will use STRK for gas fees on the network, but also for governance votes. This means that STRK gives holders voting power. 

What types of dapps can you find on StarkNet? 

StarkNet is a permissionless ecosystem where anybody can deploy any kind of decentralized application or dapp. As a result, StarkNet supports DeFi platforms, games, NFT collection, metaverse tools and much more. For a more comprehensive overview, look at the list of dapps at the bottom of this article.

How to get the STRK token airdrop?

There’s no set rule to receive the airdrop, because the Foundation has not decided yet on the distribution mechanics. But there are best practises to increase your chance on getting the STRK airdrop, while also having a chance of getting additional airdrops for other dapps that don’t have a token yet.  

To get the best and most comprehensive experience from StarkNet, it’s important to utilize a wide variety of tools. This will allow any aspiring developers or Web3 enthusiast to really get a taste of what the StarkNet ecosystem has to offer. 

The example below can help you, but should not be considered factual. This STRK token airdrop guide serves to help you find a path within the StarkNet ecosystem. 

  1. Start by getting a wallet that supports StarkNet. Because StarkNet is not natively EVM compatible, it’s not possible to use MetaMask or other EVM compatible wallets. Wallets like Argent, Bitkeep and Braavos support the use of dapps on the Layer-2 solution. The Argent X wallet is often seen as an important one.
  2. Then you will need to bridge tokens from Ethereum to StarkNet. You can use the earlier mentioned StarkGate, but it would also make sense to use Orbiter Finance. Using both bridge could minimize your risk of not getting the STRK airdrop.
  3. After you have some cryptocurrencies on StarkNet, it would be time to utilize them. Interacting with various DeFi dapps will do the trick. For example, swap some tokens on 10kSwap and provide liquidity on zkLend. In previous airdrops we’ve seen that the transactional volume of a wallet can play a role in determining the height of an airdrop. This is something to keep in mind.
  4. We also strongly advise users to mint at least one NFT from for example MintSquare. In addition it would make sense to purchase one from the secondary market, and sell one as well.
  5. When you’re interacting with dapps in an effort to be eligible for the STRK airdrop, it’s important to keep things natural. For example, doing a token swap on a weekly basis, or doing various NFT trading activities over a longer period of time. 

Discover dapps on StarkNet

While exploring the StarkNet ecosystem, why not dive even deeper and try out some of the dapps listed below. 

Best DeFi dapps on StarkNet

Best NFT marketplaces on StarkNet

  • MintSquare – An NFT marketplace where you explore, collect and sell NFTs 
  • StarkNetSale – Launchpad and NFT marketplace on StarkNet
  • StarkNet ID – Identity service on StarkNet, similar to ENS Domains

Best Games on StarkNet

  • Frens Lands – A persistent building strategy game where you manage and upgrade buildings, mixed with disasters and diplomacy.
  • Age of Eykar – Strategy game where guilds strife for dominion, become a diplomat, warlord or merchant. 
  • Imperium Wars – A strategy game set in the 1800s where players join one of the five empires to battle, betray and ally towards glory, fortune and power. 
  • Influence – A space MMO where players trade, form alliances, colonize asteroids, obtain resources, claim land, and ultimately expand their influence within the game’s universe.
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