Stake RON on Ronin DPOS Validator for Token Rewards

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Network validators have two weeks before reward distribution starts

Sky Mavis has reached a major milestone with Ronin as the blockchain transitioned into a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPOS) network. Users can now stake their RON tokens with validators and earn RON token rewards starting from 12 April.

Until now, users could use the native RON token to provide liquidity on the Katana exchange or pay for small gas fees. With the transition to a Delegated Proof-of-Stake network, they can now stake their RON with a network node validator to earn rewards. The rewards will go live on 12 April, and until that time the 22 validators have time to set things up. 

As said, Ronin will become a Delegated Proof-of-Stake network. This means that token holders assign their tokens to a certain node, run by a validator. These validators will then share their network rewards with the ones supporting them, the delegators. 

Every RON tokens holder can delegate their tokens to one of the validators. The amount of RON you can earn depends on the amount of RON you stake, and on the validator you choose. They can base their choice on the validator’s contributions to the community, node uptime, or maybe the commission rate.

DappRadar as a Ronin validator

DappRadar DAO, the decentralized autonomous organization behind the DappRadar platform, governed by the RADAR token, is one of the validators of the Ronin blockchain. We don’t take this role lightly. DappRadar has been pioneering in the blockchain space alongside the wonderful team of Sky Mavis for half a decade. 

We’ve been tracking the Axie Infinity ecosystem since 2018, and we were among the first to track Ronin. DappRadar has strong faith in Web3 gaming and puts lots of effort in building the number one discovery platform for blockchain-powered games. Yes, we’ve already listed some of the games coming to Ronin, like BattleBears Heroes and The Machines Arena.

Our faith in Web3 gaming doesn’t come only from pure passion, because also the numbers don’t lie. Our research team published the Q1 2023 Dapp Industry Report, and concluded that 45.6% of all blockchain dapp activity comes from games. Therefore, we believe gaming will bring millions of users into Web3. 

Putting our words into action, DappRadar aims to make blockchain games discoverable through on-chain metrics, going beyond the traditional 5-star ratings and fake user reviews in the traditional app stores. 

We will inform you when our validator is live for RON staking.

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