Sorare Sees Over 45% Volume Increase in 24 hrs

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Sorare breaks into the top 3 NFT collections

The fantasy football game Sorare has seen a massive surge in activity in the last 24 hours. The blockchain collectible card game allows users to trade, buy, collect and use officially licensed player cards while competing for prizes.

In the last 24 hours, the number of traders on Sorare has increased by over 28% to 2,462 whilst transaction volume has increased over 45% to $1.18 million. Interestingly, the number of active traders per week on Sorare has now risen to around 6,000 which puts it on par with popular NFT marketplace Rarible.

Source: DappRadar

Digging deeper into the top 150 NFT sales in the last 24-hours identifies several high-priced sales taking place that would explain part of the increase observed. Looking at six sales within the top 150 most valuable NFT transactions, we see that these cards generated almost $140,000 or 77.4 ETH.

Source: DappRadar

Exploring the full NFT sales rankings will reveal several more high-priced sales and many lower-priced sales within the last 24-hours. 

Sports NFTs become important 

NFTs are riding a wave of excitement in 2021 that does not appear to be slowing down. As a result, those projects that started years ago, such as Sorare are now finding new traction and interest in the market. Arguably, NBA Top Shot has really propelled sports NFTs to new heights

Nonetheless, the fantasy football game Sorare has raised $50 million in investment in 2021 after raising over $8 million in 2020. Clearly, the value offered by Sorare in the post-NBA Top Shot world is that football is watched by more people than basketball, plus Sorare has already signed club and player licenses with most of the important leagues as it’s been operating since 2019.

Its most expensive NFTs are also impressive with multiple cards from star players such as Kylian Mbappe and Bruno Fernandes selling on the in-game marketplace for over $60,000. The most expensive sale had previously been a 2020-2021 season super-rare (1 of 10) card of Mbappe, which sold for $85,160.

This record has now been smashed as a 2020-2021 season 1 of 1 Cristiano Ronaldo card sold for over $288,000 on the 13th March 2021. 

Source: DappRadar

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