Somnium Space and Autoglyphs in NFT Spotlight as CryptoPunks dominate

Top 10 NFT Sales – CoinUnited surprise sale with $158,760 NFT artwork

The biggest on-chain NFT purchase this week is the sale of CryptoPunks punk 8865 for $260,980, but Somnium Space and Autoglyphs caught our attention. Overall the top ten of the NFT sales has been strongly dominated by CryptoPunks, but it’s these other projects that really stand out.

Two NFTs for the virtual world of Somnium Space sold to the same person for a combined value of $426,000. The buyer, known as Chris Bell, now owns a teleport and an in-game kayak. Their wallet shows that they are already invested in Somnium Space quite a bit.  

Autoglyphs is often seen as the first on-chain generative art project. Therefore these NFTs are currently experiencing increased demand among collectors. Autoglyph 158 sold to an art collector who’s also into Euler Beats, CryptoPunks, and many other artworks. 

CryptoPunks has been dominating the charts for months already. However, it’s interesting to point out that punk 9953 sold twice this week, and both sales made it into our top 10. First a trader acquired to punk for $148.170, or 88 ETH. He clearly was looking to flip the pixelated face fast, selling it with 10 ETH profit within 24 hours.

Top 10 NFT sales this week

  1. CryptoPunks – punk 8865 – 155 ETH / $260,980 (see buyer’s wallet)
  2. Somnium Space – Teleport – 125 WETH / $214,010 (see buyer’s wallet)
  3. Somnium Space – Kayak – 128 WETH / $212.400 (see buyer’s wallet)
  4. Autoglyph – glyph 158 – 125 WETH / $198,190 (see buyer’s wallet)
  5. CryptoPunks – punk 616 – 108 ETH / $185,730 (see buyer’s wallet)
  6. CryptoPunks – punk 9953 – 98 ETH / $165,000 (see buyer’s wallet)
  7. Beeple – 5000 Days Selects – 95 ETH / $161,710 (see buyer’s wallet)
  8. CoinUnited – Las Vegas – Sin City – 94.72 ETH / $158,760 (see buyer’s wallet)
  9. CryptoPunks – punk 9844 – 90 ETH / $151,680  (see buyer’s wallet)
  10. CryptoPunks – punk 9953 – 88 ETH / $148.170  (see buyer’s wallet)

Odd sales by CoinUnited

On Rarible the team at has sold several artworks over the past week, each of them looking like abstract color paintings. Among those sales is an NFT called Las Vegas: Sin City, the number 8 on our top ten NFT sales for March 22-28. What’s odd about these sales, is that all of them have been acquired by the same wallet, all for big amounts of money, without any other bidders on Rarible. 

The DappRadar Portfolio Tracker shows that all artworks, sometimes multiple copies per artwork, are stored in the same wallet. The fact that there are no other substantial bids on Rarible, and all purchases have been done by the same person, makes these purchases a bit odd. 

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