Sombra Sins of Shadow NFT Avatars Hit Hollywood

Sombra Sins of Shadow NFT Avatars Hit Hollywood
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Mint an avatar NFT and watch it become the main character in a streaming series

Sombra, the first blockchain-based VFX and content creation studio, is launching an exciting new NFT avatar and collectible ecosystem called Sins of Shadow. The collection opens up a world where your deepest and darkest desires are possible, and the only limitation is your mind. A digital Westworld powered by game-ready, mocapable NFT avatars designed by some of the best minds in visual effects and gaming.

Powered by the unmatched design capabilities of Unreal Engine and handcrafted Maya and Zbrush sculpts, the SOS NFT collection comes with important perks:

  • NFT open world/battle video game access
  • Monthly NFT cinematic steaming series
  • Social NFT avatar app

Sombra is pushing the boundaries of NFT utility by offering multiple levels of user experience with their SINS ecosystem. 

The series will begin with Phase 1 –  7,777 2D genetic generated avatar cards hand-drawn by the Sombra team and coded into perfection. These NFT humanoid avatars are androgynous   and built from the same human base. Their male and female components are randomly generated and compiled into a gender-fluid character which ranges on the spectrum of Male/Female/Robot. 

Upon completing the first 5000 avatar sales from Phase I, Sins of Shadow Phase II will commence. During it, users who qualify can receive a free 3D avatar. These avatars are intended to be customized through NFT upgrades that Sombra offers as “a la carte” or in “persona packages.” These packages will contain a full set of avatar NFT characteristics such as Hair, Clothes, Masks, Weapons, and more. Sombra will be releasing 1000 Personal Packages as random mints in Phase 2.

Once minted, these 3D avatars can be used as the characters of the very first NFT streaming series. Owners will get to see their NFTs come to life each month. This will happen in 15-minute Unreal Engine Episodes full of action, energy, and comedy.

Impressively, Sombra is revolutionizing the creative world by allowing the community to choose the fate of each SINS character. The community can vote on plot progression and help craft the story of the characters each month. Of course, in order to make the voting process fair, there are staking requirements for community members to participate in creating the SINS series.

Sombra takes interoperability to the next level

As virtual worlds and the metaverse become a significant part of the crypto space, NFT collections need to keep up. What Sombra has decided to do with the SINS collection is to take interoperability to the next level. All 7,777 SINS NFTs will feature motion capture technology embedded in their skeletons and facial muscles. Importantly, they will be cross-platform metaverse compatible and also usable in the Sombra metaverse.

Additionally, Sombra is actively developing a mobile app. It will allow SINS holders to use their avatars to create short clips and social media videos. The production will be led by a very experienced dev team with over 1 million downloads. SINS owners will be able to embody their NFT avatars and create videos. These videos can later be uploaded to platforms like YouTube or TikTok.

Users can also enjoy Sombra’s upcoming open-world GTA-style P2E desktop game. The game is powered by the 3D avatars and all upgrades are wearable are usable inside the game. Users compete in teams of 4 called Guilds. They team up against other avatars and community members and a winner takes all battle royale deathmatch rewards. The world is expansive and ties into the larger SOS ecosystem. Additionally, you can read more about future avatar drops here.

Metaverse – the latest blockchain trend

Metaverse integrations are becoming a requirement for the NFT space, as the sector keeps growing. According to DappRadar’s Yearly Industry Report, blockchain virtual worlds generated over $500 million in trading volume and reached an all-time high market cap of $3.6 billion in 2021. This only goes to show that the metaverse is here to stay. Considering this, Sombra is on the right track with its SINS collection. The avatars not only have the underlying Unreal Engine 3D capabilities but will also be usable across numerous virtual worlds.

Combining the design powers of Unreal Engine with the experience of the stellar team behind Sombra makes SINS one of the most exciting collections about to drop in 2022. To find out more about SINS NFTs, and the possibilities Sombra offers to VFX creators check out their official website – – and social media channels.

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