Sombra Introduces NFT Buyback Smart Contracts

sombra NFT buybacks smart contracts

Receive SMBR tokens for every NFT sale on the Sombra marketplace

The first VFX blockchain-based studio Sombra revolutionizes the NFT space by offering a 10% buyback reward on NFTs purchased in the native marketplace. The buyback program is integrated directly into the Sombra network smart contracts, thus becoming available to any user making NFT purchases on the Sombra marketplace. 

The 10% buyback reward is deposited directly into buyers’ wallets as SMBR tokens. SMBR plays an important role in the Sombra ecosystem, as the native ecosystem token. It facilitates all trading and economic interactions on Sombra.  

Used in conjunction with BNB and soon ETH on the Sombra marketplace, the SMBR token has a $5 million market cap. SMBR swapping takes place on the dedicated Sombra Swap platform as well as Pancakeswap, and Apeswap.

Sombra rewards the artists and the community alike

While Sombra positions itself as a VFX-centric studio and platform, the Sombra marketplace offers one of the most diverse collections of artworks in the NFT space. Importantly, Sombra focuses on supporting both creators and collectors alike. 

Additionally, the platform aims to create a central hub for bespoke metaverse content. It’s a place where artists, creators, innovators, and collectors can come together to share ideas, transact and push the limits of digital goods. Importantly, both artists and the community earn income, thanks to the NFT buyback program. 

Effective marketing on the blockchain

The buyback program also represents a very progressive marketing campaign. While Sombra pushes to earn a spot among the top NFT marketplaces, it has also pioneered an impressive internal marketing campaign. All this thanks to the NFT buyback program. In a sense, the success of artists publishing their NFTs easily translates into passive income rewards for the Sombra community. 

Additionally, Sombra is pushing to reach new audiences with numerous upcoming cross-chain integrations. Over the next three months, the Sombra marketplace will continue its work on integrating Ethereum. Later on, it will expand to Polygon as well. These expansions open up the Sombra ecosystem to new members and investors. Cross-chain integrations also allow Sombra to diversify their charity NFT platform, each month they auction NFTs for charity.

DappRadar is excited to track Sombra’s development, as the dapp pushes several lines of innovative blockchain tech. From a dedicated VFX studio to a vibrant NFT marketplace, Sombra is building a creative heaven on the blockchain. To learn more about Sombra, check out their official DappRadar page. There you’ll find usage statistics, as well as numerous social media channels to follow.

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