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Third generation crypto exchange on Solana

Soldex is a decentralized exchange that leverages the Solana ecosystem to enable a fast, cheap, and intuitive trading experience for users of the platform. The Solana blockchain makes it possible for new DeFi projects to adapt to ongoing upgrades and changes. Coupled with the fact it has excellent scalability features that make the blockchain fast and cost-efficient. Soldex is one of the first major DeFi projects to be built on the Solana Blockchain and a deeper look is warranted at the differences this decentralized exchange can make to the growing DeFi sector. 

Soldex is a cryptocurrency exchange that aims to resolve common issues experienced on typical decentralized exchanges today. Namely issues such as bottlenecks, and keeping up with technological developments to continuously evolve. On top of being an exchange platform, businesses like market makers and OTC desks can make complex transaction workflows simple. Overall the exchange promises to eliminate slow and vulnerable manual processes that can be improved without losing investors’ funds. 

Participating in cryptocurrency exchanges has an inherent risk. namely trading with high price volatility. While inevitable, options are available to enable users to trade smartly on exchanges. And one way is to use AI trading.

SOLX Token plans to build a platform capable of raking in millions with a revenue structure that is transparent, fair, and profitable. In order to achieve this goal, will use a native Solana token – SOLX. The token is used for protocol governance, trading fees, AI bot feeding, and staking. Importantly, 20% of the SOLX’s max supply of 800 million has been allocated for AI bots and incentivizing. For interested investors, the platform is currently holding its private sale with a price set at $0.02. Soldex is inviting retail investors to participate by contacting [email protected].

Moreover, the Soldex token belongs to a productive set of DeFi tokens sometimes called “the holy grail of crypto capital assets” as they represent both governance and on-chain cash flow. Unlike their counterparts, they allow holders to stake their position in return for passive income in the form of protocol fees. Higher volume translates to more fee-generating revenue for the protocol, which drives the value of the token. Soldex hopes that utilizing the Solana network will allow a rapid increase in the trading volume and therefore increase in revenues. 

Smart trading using AI

AI trading uses artificial intelligence to trade crypto. Think of it as automated trading where you rely on programs to make your trades automatically. AI trading saves you from manually identifying worthwhile trades. AI can also make automated trading easier via APIs linked to major exchanges. Traders may choose indicators on which to base their decision-making on the program, such as EMA and RSI, and the periods that they want to use. In these settings, the AI will execute the transaction. Traders may backtest, modify and improve their settings. Over time, the performance of the AI improves as the data set available grows. 

Soldex AI will work on all market conditions 24/7 with emotionless machine-learning and neural network algorithms. In many ways, it can be thought of like hiring an expert to perform crypto trading for you while you sit back, watch, and learn.

Additionally, AI trading doesn’t just impact the actual selling and buying of cryptocurrencies on exchange platforms. It also influences safety and security. The blockchain sector has experienced a high rate of ransomware, phishing, and attacks. Many crypto exchanges were not well equipped to cope with these challenges. Fortunately, cybersecurity solutions based on AI are built-in real-time to detect risks and comprehend the nature of the danger by blacklisting the source of hacks and attacks. 

Moreover, with the right blockchain and artificial intelligence setup, AI is capable of analyzing large data sets unfathomable to a single human. This is one of the key reasons why AI is used not only in the crypto market but also in other industries. With large data, manually doing everything is time-consuming and more prone to human error. Thanks to technology, we are now in an era where bots can make us money. If you’re a trader or an investor and you want to allocate your time to other things, you can always opt for AI trading to save you time. 

Soldex is aiming to be the foundation for market-making, transactions, liquidity, and custody. Enabling new market makers to own unique algorithms, personalize their trading strategies, and adjust their risk tolerance while keeping their funds on hand. Moreover, Soldex has several features that distinguish it from other decentralized exchanges.


One problem with conventional trading platforms is that most of them require particular standards from investors, like trading at the legal age, having enough funds to trade or invest, or living in a certain country. With Soldex, you won’t need to meet specific requirements to join the craze. Its permissionless feature makes anyone qualified to engage in trading activities. Whether you’re a small or big investor, Soldex is open to anyone who wants to participate. You can go to the platform at any time and do activities that will help you earn passively, such as trading, providing liquidity, and staking. 

Community Governance

Not all decentralized exchanges offer investors the opportunity to participate in community governance. With community governance, you can vote on which investment projects to take. If you have enough stake for participation, you will be able to make decisions for Soldex. This is a great experience for new investors. Representing the truly decentralized structure of the service. 

Incentivised Liquidity

Soldex allows investors to provide liquidity in exchange for profits at the end of their chosen terms. Investors’ money is put into a liquidity pool and locked for a certain period so that the network can use the funds for the project’s intended purpose. Once the period has lapsed, the investor can collect their investment plus any interest earned.

Real-time Transactions

Since Soldex is built on Solana, it’s faster than many other decentralized exchanges. Users can experience real-time transactions and make deposits using an exchange wallet.

Ecosystem Foundation Layer

Soldex serves as your ecosystem foundation. With this protocol, you can invest in as many assets as you want and earn passively from them. 

No KYC requirement

Usually, trading platforms require users to submit their valid IDs and bank details before they can start trading. This process makes identity theft more widespread. Also, some investors are not approved to join trading apps for various reasons. With Soldex, traders don’t have to worry about giving up personal details. Soldex aims to protect the privacy of users and ensure money is kept safe without compromising anonymity. 

User-friendly interface

Last but not least is the user-friendly interface of the decentralized exchange. For new users, decentralized exchanges can pose a steep learning curve. On Soldex, as with most other decentralized exchanges today, there is no sign-in button. Instead, investors are required to connect a blockchain wallet such as Metamask to start making transactions. Trust Wallet and Solflare are also solid options.

In summary 

AI is starting to change the world, not just in crypto, but across numerous automated processes. Human efforts have always been powerful, and necessary, but with the help of AI, trading can be made more time-efficient and potentially more profitable for investors and developers. 

It is arguably inevitable that artificial intelligence will replace time-consuming trading activities and give those traders that adopt the strategies an upper hand. What is not inevitable is who will pioneer and lead the DeFi sector in that direction. Numerous AI trading services are emerging and Soldex will need to fight to maintain relevance and market share amidst strong competition. 

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