Social Blockchain DeSo Integrates MetaMask, Enabling Seamlessly SocialFi

Social Blockchain DeSo Integrates MetaMask, Enabling Seamlessly SocialFi
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DeSo strives to drive Web3 social mass adoption

DeSo announced its MetaMask integration this week, ushering in a new era of interoperability. Users now can use MetaMask as a central hub to freely interact with DeSo social dapps. Ethereum is the first to join DeSo’s expansion plan, with many other blockchain ecosystems to be integrated in the future.


  • Web3 can be used to build trust for social media and free users from the monopolistic policies of the Web2 platform.
  • DeSo, the decentralized social blockchain, has integrated MetaMask, allowing Ethereum users to experience over 200 dapps on DeSo.
  • DappRadar helps users find emerging Web3 social platforms. For example, Lens Protocol and GiftDAPP are among the fastest growing social dapps.

Web2 social media changed the paradigm of how we interact with the internet. But, on the other hand, they also caused a lot of dissatisfaction. These monopolistic platforms define all the rules, dictating who can use and what users can say, and deprive users of their ownership over the content they create. 

Web3 is expected to kick off a new era of social networking. 

DeSo is a custom-built layer-1 blockchain to scale decentralized social applications to serve billions of users. It is the underlying blockchain of Bitclout, the Web3 social media, which made a buzz a year ago.

DeSo announced on Twitter that anybody with a MetaMask can now seamlessly create a Decentralized Social identity on DeSo. The registration process will take less than 30 seconds, bringing MetaMask users a Web3 social experience with 0 gas fees, 0 friction, and 100% on-chain.

Create a Web3 social identity on DeSO with Metamask

DeSo is a layer-1 blockchain separate from Ethereum, meaning MetaMask doesn’t natively integrate with DeSo. IntegratingMetaMask is DeSo’s fundamental step to scaling Web3 social media. 

To learn more about how DeSo technically implements this process, you can read this article on the DeSo blog. Here is a brief breakdown.

When a user logs into a DeSo-powered social dapp using their ETH account on MetaMask for the first time, MetaMask prompts the user to sign a message. This step asks users to authorize a randomly generated derived key to act on behalf of the account. 

This derived key will allow Identity to perform DeSo transactions on behalf of MetaMask users and facilitate account creation on DeSo. For those unfamiliar with DeSo, the Identity service provides a convenient and secure way to manage user credentials (key pairs) in applications built on DeSo.

After testing it, I can confirm that the whole process is smooth and does not take a minute. Those who complete the registration can start browsing over 200 social dapps on DeSo.

Access DeSo dapps with metamask

At the same time, you can discover the most popular social media dapps through the DappRadar Social Ranking.

Web3 social networking is brewing new trends

Web3 is shaking up games, music, fashion, and social networking is also under its scope of ambition. Even though the network effect is yet to happen, Web3 social is undoubtedly brewing new trends. 

You can find the latest happenings in blockchain-powered social networking by yourself using DappRadar Social Ranking. So let’s dive into the charts to see which social dapps are gaining traction.

Lens Protocol is a user-owned, open social graph that any application can plug into. It allows dapps to implement functions such as minting a profile, following others, creating content, collecting publications, and more. Notably, all these features are entirely on-chain, powered by Polygon.

GiftDApp on the Rigel Protocol allows users to win prizes and send gifts. It aims to provide a decentralized gifting system for dapps, communities, and influencers to engage their fans with rewards.

Web3 social is waiting for more innovators to unleash its potential further. In addition to the projects mentioned above, PeakD on Hive, SOMESING on Klaytn, and many more are rising. And, of course, don’t forget that the pioneering Steemit is still in play.

Lens Protocol

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