Snoop Dogg Dethrones Gary Vee As the Richest NFT Celebrity Collector

Snoop Dogg Dethrones Gary Vee As the Richest NFT Celebrity Collector
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Top 10 Most Valuable Celebrity NFT Portfolios in April 2022

Snoop Dogg returns to the top of the list of most valuable celebrity NFT portfolios in April 2022. He dethroned Gary Vee who has a portfolio worth just over $8 million. Despite launching the second wave of VeeFriends NFTs, Gary Vee seems to have lost a bit of his magic touch when it comes to his personal portfolio. 

Alexis Ohanian drops down to fourth place even after taking on more than $750,000 in value to his NFT portfolio. Reddit’s co-founder seems to have claimed the two Moonbirds NFTs that went with his PROOF Collective membership, which helped him boost the overall value of his portfolio. Ohanian also placed a heavy bet on the newly launched Bored Ape metaverse land with 8 Otherside NFTs in his wallet. 

DJ Steve Aoki climbs two positions compared to March after adding over three million dollars in NFTs to his portfolio. He aped into VaynerSports Passes, bought two Moonbirds NFTs, several EightBit Me NFTs, and an impressive 19 Otherside land NFTs

Another impressive shift in the ranking comes with Neymar’s return. The football player dropped out of the top 10 last month, however, he’s now back ranking sixth. Neymar added more than $620,000 to his NFT portfolio in the past thirty days. Impressively, he only purchased MAYC #10953, yet his other holdings have appreciated in value as well. 

Dillon Francis and Post Malone also enter the rankings this month. Francis ranks ninth after adding over $400,000 worth of NFTs to his wallet. These include 2 Otherside NFTs. Post Malone boosted his portfolio value by more than $170,000 in April, as his 2 BAYC NFTs appreciated. Interestingly, Malone has not yet claimed his Otherside NFTs, or has done so and moved them to a different wallet, as they are not visible in his portfolio

Continue reading to find out the full list of the most valuable celebrity NFT portfolios in April. 

An important note here is that celebrities attract a lot of attention to their wallets and receive thousands of NFTs as gifts. We have manually sifted through all of these celebrity wallets to bring readers a more filtered view. For that to happen, we’ve excluded NFTs that are gifted to these wallets. Consider this if you see discrepancies between this list and the values displayed on the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker. 

10 Most Valuable Celebrity NFT Portfolios in April

snoop dogg
snoop dogg
snoop dogg

Snoop Dogg is on top, yet Otherside NFTs take center stage

April was quite the month with several major NFT drops. First, the PROOF Collective launched its avatar collection Moonbirds. The pixelated birds quickly rose to fame and currently hold a floor price of 31 ETH, or close to $90,000. Several celebrities joined the PROOF Collective early on and got Moonbirds airdropped for free. 

While PROOF reigned over the space in early April, Yuga Labs took over the stage in the past couple of weeks. The team behind BAYC and MAYC set the launch date of its much anticipated virtual world Otherside to April 30th. The whole NFT market felt the magnitude of this event, as collectors were scrambling to rack up enough liquidity for the mint. 

The Otherside NFTs currently have a floor price of just around $10,000. However, big-time collectors and some of the celebrities on this list are stacking numerous Otherdeeds. Steve Aoki’s rapid climb in the top 3 this month is predominantly due to his 19 Otherdeeds. In this sense, Yuga Labs rightfully takes the spot of the top market mover in April 2022. Impressively, Snoop Dogg who holds the top spot in the rich list does not own any BAYC, MAYC or Otherdeeds NFTs. 

Impressively, all celebrities featured in this month’s rich list have over $1 million worth of NFTs in their wallets. This is remarkable against the backdrop of an overall bearish market both in crypto and in traditional finance as well. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the most valuable celebrity NFT portfolios bringing you the hottest developments. If you want to explore more celebrity wallets, check out the official DappRadar page. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter to get the latest celebrity NFT scoops first. 

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