Snoop Dogg and Gala Music Drop NFT Stash Boxes

Snoop Dogg and Gala Music Drop NFT Stash Boxes

Listen-to-earn NFTs are the next crypto project for the rapper

Snoop Dogg is one of the most involved celebrities when it comes to the crypto space, and now he’s partnered with Gala Music on a new music-themed project. Stash Boxes, which dropped on the official Gala Music website, represent the rapper’s new “Bacc On Death Row” album as NFTs. 

There are a total of 25,000 Stash Boxes available. Each box, upon opening, includes 1 of 17 song NFTs from Snoop Dogg’s new album. In addition, holders of the box can expect to receive exclusive drops such as films, comics, images, and unique concert attendance opportunities.

What’s more, collectors who manage to grab all 17 songs and complete the full album will get more perks. These include real-life and digital rewards, an exclusive concert experience, and access to a pre-party with Snoop Dogg. Additionally, the most dedicated fans will get a limited edition Death Row chain. While these perks are important, the main concept to look for here is the listen-to-earn mechanic. Details about this are still scarce, however, according to Gala Music, the B.O.D.R NFTs can be used as assets to earn rewards in Gala Games products. 

Gala Music’s listen-to-earn concept

Gala Music is a new division of the rapidly developing Gala Games ecosystem. By introducing a music-focused division, Gala Games is also pushing forward new concepts like listen-to-earn. While there is not much detail surrounding this new gaming mechanic, according to the official Gala Music website, some NFTs like the Stash Boxes will enable players to earn rewards. 

This will most likely happen as gamers use their music NFT inside one of the numerous Gala Games projects. When a collector opens a Stash Box to reveal Snoop Dogg music, they unlock future in-game utilities throughout the Gala Games ecosystem. A Stash Box will allow you to make B.O.D.R the soundtrack to your gameplay.

Importantly, according to a recent announcement, Gala Music aims to position itself as the first decentralized record company. Of course, the listen-to-earn mechanic is at the center of this revolutionary business model. However, Gala Music will also focus on giving artists support throughout the Gala Games Ecosystem, and music corporations the power of reasonable and fair allocation of rewards. More details about the full scope of functionalities Gala Music will offer will be revealed on February 11th. 

Snoop Dogg “The Innovator”

The artwork featured on the NFTs reveals that Snoop Dogg is now referring to himself as “The Innovator”. This new nickname is most probably inspired by the rapper’s heavy involvement in the crypto space.

With the release of B.O.D.R, Snoop Dogg is among the first musicians to drop a whole album on the blockchain. Not to mention that thanks to the Gala Games and Gala Music ecosystem, he’s among the first to offer listen-to-earn NFTs. 

Aside from this most recent announcement, Snoop Dogg has been among the most active celebrities in the crypto space. He owns a huge estate in The Sandbox, and his alter-ego Cozomo de’ Medici is a top NFT collector. In this sense, “The Innovator” is a rather suitable nickname.

DappRadar will continue monitoring both Snoop Dogg and Gala Music as more announcements come from this partnership. If you want to take a peek at Snoop Dogg’s portfolio, you can check it out here. Additionally, you can check out other celebrity wallets that have been verified by DappRadar here

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