Smile Coin: the Gateway to Web3 Gaming

Smile Coin is a decentralized payment technology provider

Smile Coin provides a decentralized payment gateway for users to enjoy Web3 gaming smoothly. Traditional online gaming is somewhat problematic. It has been lacking transparency and fairness for years. Additionally, gaming account management usually encounters fragmentation. Smile Coin aims to bring together the best features and tools through an advanced protocol. It enables users to explore gaming platforms within a single network. 

Information technology and the Internet have freed the gaming industry from bricks and mortars. Online gaming is one of the most popular forms of leisure today, especially for its lucrative nature. However, there are many problems in the industry that have led to criticism. Nonetheless, the emergence of blockchain has given gaming players hopes for the industry. Smile Coin is one of the technology innovators who are at the forefront. 

Global Gaming Industry Overview

According to Grand View Research, the global online gaming market will likely hit $127.3 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027. The industry has been seeing the growing popularity of online gaming across the globe. 

Factors driving the market include better internet connectivity and the increasing adoption of smart devices. Additionally, the pandemic also impacts the market growth positively. During the lockdown, users are trying to bridge their financial, social, mental crisis through online gaming. 

Many jurisdictions classify types of gaming as either chance-based or skill-based. For example, some jurisdictions consider poker a game of skill while the lottery is a game of chance. No matter which category the game falls into, randomness must play a role in it. Specifically, sports wagering involves a certain extent of predictability, while the outcome depends on a random sports event.

However, “the house always wins”. Although the random number generator or factor in online gaming is strictly verified, with centralized corporations mainly operating the business, the industry severely lacks transparency. More seriously, it is not uncommon to find fairness in jeopardy sometimes. Another problem in the industry is with payment. A centralized third party usually provides a payment solution. As a result, it has been causing fraud, fragmentation in account management, high transaction costs, etc.

Gaming in the Web3 era 

When blockchain technology first emerged, its transparency and immutability caught the gaming industry’s attention. The most significant advantage of blockchain technology is the way it stores data. The decentralization nature of the blockchain guarantees the inability to modify data after it has been recorded. In essence, it is perfect for recording the history of digital transactions. Moreover, all the transactions are open for review. 

With this understanding, online gaming operators can leverage blockchain to create completely transparent and fair gameplay for users. That includes irreversible gaming outcomes as well as traceable payout records. 

As more and more gaming operators choose blockchain to safeguard game fairness, the smoothness and security of payment become particularly important. Smile Coin strives to create a comprehensive and user-friendly payment system for this purpose.  

Into the Web3 gaming with Smile Coin

The choice of payment gateway is crucial to gaming. Operators need to consider security, transaction speed, and a variety of payment methods to ensure a seamless gaming experience. Smile Coin provides a one-stop payment gateway solution to empower gaming companies by leveraging blockchain technology. The Smile Coin SDK and advanced protocol will save all the hassle and complexity for integrating payment processing.  

Currently, Smile Coin is already live with Grin Gaming, and Smile Coin’s partner list keeps expanding. Whether it is fantasy sports, prediction platforms, or any other monolithic gaming, Smile coin ensures that players can easily experience its gaming network.

As an online gamer, chasing winning maximization and novelty is beyond reproach. However, managing, analyzing, and optimizing gaming results across platforms can be a pain in the neck.

Luckily with SMILE Wallet, users can connect to gaming platforms to do everything with peace of mind. 

The Smile network develops around its payment technology. The team introduced SMILE token to drive community engagement and further enhance its ecosystem. The utility of SMILE includes the following:

  • Serving as a payment currency to enjoy various games partnered with Smile Coin. Currently, a series of promotions are going on, in which users can win extra bonus SMILES.
  • Staking the token to share rewards stemming from transaction fees.
  • Participating in the ecosystem governance. 

The innovation of Smile Coin has already been verified. With integration with Smile, Grin Gaming has seen over an 88% increase in activity and nearly a 1000% increase in revenue. Moreover, the retention of Smile users also witnessed a tripled figure. 

Gaming has always been one the oldest forms of entertainment. It is more than reasonable for gaming operators to serve players with the latest technology better. The Smile Coin’s incentive structure and its exceptional usability fulfill modern gaming needs. Furthermore, by making a momentous step of the ecosystem, the payment, Smile Coin lays a solid foundation for future Web3 gaming.

More About Smile Coin

Smile Coin is the first decentralized technology to enable users to track and manage gaming tractions across platforms within a single network. Smile Coin paves the way for tomorrow’s gaming ecosystems to have seamless payment processing and more insight into your gaming transactions by bringing together the best features and tools through an advanced protocol.





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